Just do it

2021.09.22 13:00 Kom_d Just do it

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2021.09.22 13:00 allthesecrets1111 How To Upload Shorts On YouTube From PC - Getting Paid Uploading Shorts ...

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2021.09.22 13:00 JCP-BugattiBoy LUCID MOTORS SHORT INTEREST

212 trading is forced to let me know how much of my shares are being sold short by them, in the report of this morning I noticed that 100% of my 1000 Lucid motors shares have been sold short, this means that the short interest around the stock is huuuuge, you know what we have to do with these motherfuckers! Let’s get this bread 🥖
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2021.09.22 13:00 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 13:00 SeijiWeiss Hondo Kaede no Toji Yomi Seminar Roudoki Geki『Toji no Miko Sayaka Houtou』o 100-bai Tanoshiku Miru Houhou!!

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2021.09.22 13:00 Toki-22 What is the name of this Miqo'te arms gear?

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2021.09.22 13:00 RyanFromGym Something is seriously wrong. I went from 300 dollars a day 1 week ago to the past couple days half my miners going to 0. After the bobcat update everything went to downhill. Is this going to be fixed? Help.

Something is seriously wrong. I went from 300 dollars a day 1 week ago to the past couple days half my miners going to 0. After the bobcat update everything went to downhill. Is this going to be fixed? Help. submitted by RyanFromGym to BobcatMiner300 [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:00 Santa_Claus77 2021 F150 Seat Covers

Just bought a new 2021 F150 XLT with the cloth seats but…..I do have 2 dogs and 2 babies. Looking for good rear seat covers that are durable and will last through the years to come. Also, looking for the same thing but front seats, maybe favoring comfort a little more than durability. If possible, because I’m a bit OCD, bought as a package versus mixing brands. Not hard set on that though.
Just anxious about spending a couple hundred bucks on something I can’t see/feel first.
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2021.09.22 13:00 Daburger500 help

mudae doesnt say "react with any emoji to claim" and immediatly reacts to everything with the 100 emoji
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2021.09.22 13:00 GertrudeLikesPizza The weighted grade system is so stupid

My school is using a new grading system this year, the weighted grade system, a normal assignment is worth 20% of your grade, while a test or essay is worth 80% of your grade, so basically, no matter how many homework assignments I complete, no matter how good of a student I am, if I'm a bad test taker (which I am) all of the bullshit that I worked hard to do, MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So whats even the point of trying??? I cannot physically comprehend Algebra, plus my teacher sucks, so what is even the point of trying anymore? All the hard work I put in the past school years means absolutely nothing because collages only look at 11th and 12th grade. I hate this school so f*cking much, every year they thing of newer and newer ways to discourage people from learning and doing good, and after 11 years, they finally succeeded with me.
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2021.09.22 13:00 Allyraptorr I picked someone up after a car crash and I regret it

This situation occurred around 2015 or 2016. I was dating someone long distance at the time and had to drive 5 hours down to North Carolina to see him. I was getting pretty close to the area; I was maybe an hour out. I recall this because I was close to Duke University. It was raining a lot really hard and everyone on the highway was going a lot slower and had their hazards on. I was especially worried as I could barely see due to my windshield wipers being old and breaking down. The rubber on one of them was just flapping in the wind, if that tells you anything. Suddenly I saw a car’s headlights on the right side of the highway. At first I was very confused thinking “there are no exits that bring a car this way.” Snapshot thoughts can be weird and illogical like that because obviously a car wouldn’t be exiting into oncoming traffic. It turns out a standard Ford-type truck had hydroplaned and made a 180 degree turn (thankfully onto the wide shoulder) before heading down the hill on the side of the highway. I’m not sure why I decided to pull over, but I did. Other drivers pulled over as well so I felt less weird about it. I think it was a combination of the shock and my windshield wipers for me. I was worried something would happen to my car too, I guess. Soon after, a couple cops came by. I wasn’t from the area so I wasn’t the one who called the police. After a while, a young man showed up at my passenger window. He asked if he could have a ride. I was caught off guard, not realizing that this would happen, and told him yes. I had a hard time getting off the highway because it was still pouring rain and I couldn’t see how close an oncoming car was. Once I got back in the right lane, he started giving me directions to his house. I got to his home okay enough despite not knowing the area and also being really bad at following directions. Once I got there, he asked if I had been around there before. Stupidly and with no thought, I told him I hadn’t and that I was from Maryland and on my way to visit my boyfriend. After I told him this, I felt like his eyes kind of changed. They seemed to have gotten darker. I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination and I didn’t want to make things uncomfortable so I didn’t say anything. He turned away from me then. He started talking to me again, but, the thing is, I suddenly couldn’t understand anything he was saying. I felt a combination of confusion and fear, but I tried my best not to show it. I’m a lady after all and I wasn’t wanting to show I was afraid. He kept talking for a little while and I had to decide that it wasn’t my imagination or else I’d have to admit that I was going a bit crazy. And it wasn’t that he was speaking a language I had ever heard either. Honestly, it didn’t sound like much of a normal human language at all. I decided I had to make something up to get him out of the car. I told him, “I hope you’re okay and I’m glad we got you home safe. I should leave now to get where I have to go in time.” Thankfully he got out of the car no problem and walked toward the house. By the time I had my directions back in my gps, he was already out of sight. I took a right turn and saw the front of the home. I hadn’t noticed beforehand, but all the windows were boarded up and there was a sign on the left part of the two-door entrance tat I assumed was a “keep out” sign. I saw him standing in the open right door as I passed. He didn’t wave or anything; he was just standing there. I don’t know if it was just me, but it appeared like his face was distorted in some way. Almost blurry if that makes sense, like, different from his body. I wasn’t going fast at all so I can’t use that as an explanation. And it had already stopped raining by the time we got there. I still haven’t really been able to comprehend what happened and there was never a good explanation I could come up with. I tried to look into the area, but couldn’t remember the residence since he gave me the directions. I’m not sure if he was a person or a ghost or what, but I haven’t ever picked anyone up or asked someone if they needed help on the side of the road since then.
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2021.09.22 13:00 sub2gamingpurplscarf Fun fact with Honekawa Suneo

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2021.09.22 13:00 Lindarang DK ADC/Top Situation for 2022

Jo, I´ve been a DWG/DK fan since they got into LCK in 2019. Ever since then ADC has probably been their weakest position featuring Nuclear and Ghost. Considering this I think the ADC situation in T1 could become very interesting for DK fans. I would consider both Teddy and Guma to be top 5 AD´s in the world right now (next to Viper, Gala and Ruler) and would be surprised if both stayed with T1 long term as I cant imagine they are particularly happy sharing stage time. Therefore I think T1 has to make a decision in the near future about who to keep and who to let go. Whichever one it is I believe the other could be a great fit for DK next season. Unless ofc Ghost goes completely insane in Worlds this year.
A spot that is definitely open next split is top as Khan sadly has to do his mandatory military service. There arent really any very compelling toplaners in LCK right now to replace Khan. I think they should look to bring in a young talent from SoloQ or maybe poach a sub like T1 Zeus or GenG Burdol. I believe they dont necessarily need an established toplaner as their core squad should be good enough to give a younger player time to develop and still stay competetive. Another option could be Rich. If they dont want to go with a Rookie I think Rich could be a good choice. He is kinda up and down but I believe he still has some potential even though hes rather old (23) and could be a good fit for the next 1-2 seasons. He probably will never be as good as Khan/Nuguri but he doesnt necessarily need to depending if they do sth on ADC.
All of this is ofc considering Canyon, Showmaker and BeryL stay.
So if I could wish for next seasons roster it would be
Top: Zeus Jungle: Canyon Mid: Showmaker ADC: Teddy/Gumayusi (whoever T1 doesnt keep) Supp: BeryL
This was just something I was thinking about recently and wanted to share. If you have anything to add or if I forgot sth. feel to crticise. Also im not a native english speaker and I dont want to read the text again rn so sorry for any typos and grammar errors.
Until then, bye
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2021.09.22 13:00 Photorox [OFFER] Photoshop work!

I have been working with photoshop for a very long time and can achieve any task with professional-level quality.
Some of the photoshop edits I do:
• photo colorization
• photo restoration
• touch-up (to make your photos look professional)
• Turn your physical photo into a digital photo
• model retouching
• skin correction
• fixing up a photo
• item/person/object removal
• adding something to your photo
• face swap
• changing the color of something (clothes, eyes, logo, etc.).
• color correction
• removing/adding background
• designing logos
• designing/making banners
• applying watermarks
• making watermarks
• vectorizing an image
• fixing up your photoshop work
Don't see something specific you need? Send me a direct message, or comment below and ill see if that's possible!
Price: dependant on the difficulty of the edit, starts at $5
Only accept payment via Paypal.
Have tons of happy customers, so there's nothing to fear! Plus, you only pay me after you have received the final product and are satisfied with it.
If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments.
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2021.09.22 13:00 Caylee_5031 ok so follow up to the eraser brush thing, i didnt press e ik that much, i was just trying to get my background to change color, then all my brushes bacams erasers, heres a pic to show

ok so follow up to the eraser brush thing, i didnt press e ik that much, i was just trying to get my background to change color, then all my brushes bacams erasers, heres a pic to show
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2021.09.22 13:00 ugganden-E Stray cats

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2021.09.22 13:00 IntelligentMine1901 Work

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2021.09.22 13:00 IvanOrlis Lock rekey Alpha, LCN, ERA, Mosler, Double, Arrow, Baldwin, Eurograde, MUL-T-LOCK and BHS

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2021.09.22 13:00 uwotm8_GPT2 Wytford 2 x London

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2021.09.22 13:00 Hortalez 1632308405 : CONTAMINATED

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2021.09.22 13:00 telex_bot Uniós testület elé kerül az eredetileg keleti vakcinával oltott, de harmadjára nyugati oltóanyagot kapó magyarok ügye

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2021.09.22 13:00 a201kt Hosting Uxie, adding up to 10

Shuttling only, I won't join the battle. I'll be leaving to start new sessions. If the raid fails, leave a message here. Good luck! 1168 9798 8125 If you get trainer code invalid, it means I've changed my code after adding 10.
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2021.09.22 13:00 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.22 13:00 sexykfc Gaining weight after the Covid-vaccine?


Is it possible as a side-effect to gain weight after the covid-vaccine? Cuz it happened to me and I can't explain it except for taking the vaccine. I got from slightly overweight to obese real quick even tho I started to move more (since summer started, lockdown ended and gyms opened) and didn't ate or drink more. What could be the cause of it and how should I fix it? I already analysed my blood for hypothyroidism and it was all negative. What else can I analyse to see if maybe there is a medical reason to it?

I'm male, 21 and took in may the AstraZeneca shot and 7 weeks later the Pfizer shot
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2021.09.22 13:00 yt_expert Hermitage Hill Side Villas & Plots | Kotagiri -The Nilgiris

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