Paint stripper or sander to remove these paint marks from the treated supports?

2021.09.22 13:58 Tdhof20 Paint stripper or sander to remove these paint marks from the treated supports?

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Anyone else notice the change in the modem firmware number?
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2021.09.22 13:58 kassrot Professional suicide help worth it?

Hello I'm in a complete crossroad in my life.
Girlfriend left me 8 months ago and I can't get over it. I lost a phenomenal career opportunity at my company due to my own negligence.
Overall I lost my love for living. The daily pain is intense.
I know this is quite cliche, but I was planning on joining the Air Force. Somewhat of a last resort. I really don't want anything in my medical records stating I felt suicidal. I also don't want to be on mental pills.
Can anyone tell me what a crisis hotline would tell me? What advice could they give me, so I can see life different?
I'm trying to be responsible, while avoiding the 800 number... If it gets bad enough I could reach out to a friend. I'm curious of what help really is out there.
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2021.09.22 13:58 Low_Bit_Rate Dragon raja now has a pc client
You can download it from there. Runs really well. If you’re bored and want a cyberpunk like mmorpg it’s worth checking out. Just don’t get sucked in to the gacha lmao.
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2021.09.22 13:58 EdyRecendez I made a short film inside of Unreal Engine in under a month with zero previous experience.

Hey guys!
I just released this Sci-fi short made with Unreal Engine.
I was able to finish it in less than a month and I had no experience whatsoever with Unreal before this.
I didn't have access to any mocap suits so 95% of the animations come from Mixamo.
It has its issues but for being my first project I'm really proud of it.
Let me know what you guys think.
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Weird question. But I usually wipe over my furniture in my room like couch and stuff with anti bacterial wipes every few weeks. Didn’t think till the other day ahhh probably shouldn’t use alcohol wipes on leather. So I brought non alcohol wipes for leather. Reckon it would be a no go or should be fine??
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2021.09.22 13:57 Xzaith_Productions Mata-Nui: Part 1 - Chapter 6: The Calm Water of Ga-Koro

It was official, he was at the gates of the village known as Ga-Koro. His pulse was racing, his imagination had run rampant from the moment when his thoughts only required the motor and rhythmic movement of walking, imagining that creature that Macku had warned him about, known as "Tarakava", in large and monstrous, with enormous, fiery teeth. As the Matoran without memories took the last steps to reach the gates of the village, he wondered fearfully if he would find horrible images spattering the entire place.
He got a little more dizzy. The headache that had been suffering all the way seemed to be warning him for the last time to turn around, being on the same side as that rough little voice inside his skull that ordered him the same thing.
He ignored them. The Matoran without memories looked around, trying to distinguish some abnormal figure that could be that beast Rahi. Sweat ran down his cheek and down the back, cold as the sea he was staring at.
He stopped in front of the door, fiddling with his fingers nervously. In the arch of the largest gate, the name "Ga-Koro" was scratched in the Matoran language. Each keystone seemed to have been lovingly chosen and carved to fit perfectly. Flowers, seashells, and small figures and handmade costumes adorned the arch from top to bottom randomly. The only thing that remained consistent were the long strings adorned with pieces of flat, circular stone with a name written on each with a small symbol on the back, flowers encapsulated in a transparent liquid that would keep them that bright color forever and ever, and seashells of different shades, sizes and colors.
Those three types of ornaments for each of the many strings that descended from the top of the ornate arch to the base, where they hooked into long spears with wavy ornaments pointing out of the village, forcing the strings to make wide curves and leave them at the mercy of the sea breeze.
The Matoran without memories froze for a moment staring at the decoration, thinking how pretty it looked. By chance, he could see Macku's name on one of the circular stones with what looked like a mask on the back. He assumed that all the inhabitants of Ga-Koro would be represented there, which gave him some apprehension at the thought that so many Matoran together could not handle a single Rahi, increasing his already disproportionately fear.
"You should've refused. She was a stranger, what difference did it make that you didn't help her find the Toa?" That voice reproached him again, something to which he responded with shaking his head, not entirely agreeing with what he had said to himself, but not disagreeing too much either.
The Matoran leaned a little closer, listening to the sand rustle softly as he took each step and his body wrapped itself in the shadow cast by the high arch. The internal part, before the doors; which were composed of very sharp spears and harpoons which, being all together, formed a minimalist representation of the village itself, were two arms that came out from the sides, holding resistant ropes made with care that held plates with the same face he had seen carved into the pale stone next to the plave which he woke up. Following the rope with his gaze, he verified that it was a scale. He grabbed the stones that had the same face carved regardless of shape and weight, and by trying a couple of times, was able to make both have the same weight on one side as the other.
The spears and harpoons that made up the door parted, some up and some down, like a curtain opening.
There were several rounded stone steps before the first of the water lilies. Each area of ​​the village was based on those same water lilies, which seemed to belong to the same plant family. Those that accompanied the principals, that were too small to support the weight of more than one hut or anything like that, were relegated to decoration, having small aquariums that connected directly to the sea or small artificial ponds that oozed with aquatic flowers that filled the empty parts between the small water lilies with decoration.
Each cabin was made differently, although with the same aesthetics: Some were created from resistant seaweed that was placed on top of the platforms and molded to build it; Others were formed from plants that had symbiotic relationships with some of the water lilies and grew around them with small circular green leaves, these moved and were placed on a wooden base that made them grow and surround the wooden structure to create the cabin itself; the rest of the houses were made with light raw materials such as bamboo or fabric, even though these were the rarest to see and the smallest, having the first two as standard. Each water lily or set of water lilies was linked by bridges made of bamboo and tied and covered by resistant algae and the same type of symbiotic plant as before.
The sense of joyous perplexity that the place left him vanished the moment he took a few steps into the lily pad. He could feel under his bare feet the slight movement of the tide at all times, which only added to his mixture of negative feelings that were about to erupt from the bottom of his belly and through his throat at any moment: the silence, the tension, the fear, the dizziness, her headache... all of that was turning into a cocktail in his belly. He hated that feeling.
He walked slowly, very slowly, throughout the deserted village. It was not long before he began to see the ground (that is, the lily pad) and the houses with large gaps and bumps that were three times the size of his clenched fist. Between the blows there was also a light electric blue liquid that he deduced that it must be blood, which splattered some broken weapons and subtly splattered the occasional wall.
The image of a small statuette of a tall figure with hooks, now stained with blue blood, sent a shiver through his entire body.
Passing the bridges, which creaked with every step he took so that, in that silence where only the water could be heard, they seemed to shout, he was walking through the village, trying to find a sign of someone, without finding anything. It was now on the central platform of the village, where there was a huge structure that combined all types of houses in one, open like a half-built hut adorned to such an extent that it gave some aversion to see it, it was a stage. Some instruments were lying on the floor in silence and there were half-woven clothes here and there.
A sound made its core flicker, it was a creak, very similar to that of bamboo bridges. He turned, looked around with a goofy face trying to make out a large figure that could have made those furrows everywhere. He thought of running away, he thought of how grossed he was by the Matoran who had sent him there. If only that selfish Matoran had taken him with her. This was a waste of time, he would do better to retrace his steps and accompany the idiot Macku in the search for the Toa.
But that wasn't fair, he thought, shaking his head hard. He was the one who had accepted the situation. It was entirely his fault that he was scared, standing and tense in a deserted village with a beast on the prowl. "I just wanted to be the hero", he told himself, shaking his head again. "Well, now you have to comply".
Ignoring his slight headache, he repositioned himself like a normal Matoran instead of looking like he was going to pounce on someone, and continued exploring. Sweat made his shirt soak up and stick to his back. And all that just because he was nervous.
He continued the exploration, now with a weapon in hand and still somewhat nervous but without feeling that his legs were like rubber. He had reached the end of the village where there seemed to be nothing, just a couple of small water lilies and a strange machine that want to stand out too much from the landscape with some ornaments placed in a bad way, not succeeding too much in their missiong of concealing the machine.
Looking at that machine with a big red button, realized that he had seen all of this before without even noticing. Every large platform or with a cabin on it had this machine half hidden to one side.
Without thinking twice, he pushed the red button, hearing a puff that seemed like steam and the exposed gears moving, but nothing happen and the machine stopped a second later.
_ A gear is missing _ he told himself, aloud, feeling like a tremendous idiot the next moment for having done that.
Disappointed with himself, he looked around, trying to figure out why the machine wasn't working.
He heard a metallic murmur that made a shiver run through his entire body. Was that the Rahi's voice?
_ Anyone there? _ said a distorted voice.
The Matoran without memories dropped the spear from his hands as he jumped from the shock that ghostly voice had caused him, causing a great noise in the silent village.
He crouched awkwardly and grasped the spear in both hands again, looking from side to side trying to figure out where the voice had come from.
_ H-hello? _ he asked the air, scared. What if the Rahi could imitate Matoran voices and used that to hunt. _ Who is it...?
_ There is really someone there _ answered another male voice.
_ Who is it, is it Macku? _ asked another different voice
_ No, I do not think so... it doesn't sound like her _ released a third voice with an accusing tone that didn't match the conversation at all.
_ No time for that! _ said an irritating voice, which, with the distortion, made his voice seem even more shrill and annoying. _ Let Turaga Nokama speak!
While those disembodied voices argued, the Matoran went around the little water lily, trying to figure out where they came from until, peeking out of the water's surface, there were several straws from where the voices came, which seemed more ethereal because of the waves , which would cover up more than once from time to time, making their voices sound louder, weaker, more distorted, or sharper at random.
The first voice, which seemed very severe even from its calm tone, spoke again.
_ Hello, who is there?
Putting aside the problem of his name, the memoryless Matoran responded by feeling a bit silly for being on all fours on a floating lily pad talking to some straws in the water.
_ I-I'm... Um... Macku has asked me to come help you. She has told me to tell you _ closed his eyes and raised his lips when he realized how ridiculous he had expressed it. _ that she is fine and has gone to find Toa Gali.
There were shouts of joy that sounded through the straws the echoes of a very pissed-off dying beast.
_ Great _ said the voice calm but strict. _. But we can't wait until then. Here we are in a critical situation.
_ W-what can I do to help?
_ There should be a switch for the float valves near you. You see it? It is an emergency system in case any of the stems breaks.
_ I have already tried, but it doesn't work.
Quickly answered the memoryless Matoran before getting back up and pressing the button with some more force. The throbbing of his core went to his head. He went back to his knees next to where the voices came from, waiting for instructions, but he only heard what sounded like whispers and random single words.
_ I understand _ the pause she made before continuing made the Matoran think that she had nodded solemnly. _. There must be something wrong. We built them with a simple mechanism in case it broke down that anyone could use it. Valves consist of-
_ Excuse me, Turaga Nokama _ she was interrupted by the same shrill voice from before. _ Hey, you, we can see from where we are the missing gear. You have to swim here and we'll show you where it is.
_ Okay _ he stood up, hesitant. He already understood why he felt so upset, the tone of the voices he heard clearly indicated that they were panicking. _ I-I'm going to dive.
He quickly sat down on the lily pad and dipped his legs into the sea, sending a shiver through his body. He was trying to contain another shiver and a groan at the sudden change in temperature so that no one would hear him through the straws.
He jumped into the sea after taking in a lot of air and covering his nose and mouth with one hand. The chill he'd felt on the legs jolted through his body, slowing down every move he made. He tried to swim down, but it was extremely difficult and, after a couple of meters, he was out of air, plus he was beginning to not be able to see anything, much less a gear.
He came out of the water with a groan, gasping for air as he forced his arms to obey his orders to put it back on the lily pad. He just sat there, staring at the straws and thinking about what to say while he caught his breath. The sunlight and the heat of the beach made his body, cold and numb, recover quickly enough.
_ I've tried _ he spoke to the Ga-Matoran with a somewhat cut voice _ but I have barely managed to descend and I haven't been able to see anything.
Silence was the only answer he had for a while, which made him feel even worse than he already did. He hated himself for not being able to do something as simple as swimming and holding his breath. His headache was suddenly accentuated, making his temple throb. Angrily, he struck the lily pad with the fist hard enough that made it shake weakly.
He was about to say something else when the Turaga's stern voice, not as calm as before, spoke to him again.
_ Go to my cabin, Matoran. There you will see a Lightstone that will serve you in your search. And, I implore you, hurry up.
Understanding the situation at once, the Matoran without memories rushed to his feet, striding rapidly through the village, seeing the largest house of all somewhat set apart from the rest. He ran as far as he could get there, ignoring the exterior decoration much like the one he saw in the archway of the entrance and hurried inside, pushing the door made of bamboo violently.
The water came out from within, decorated with loose leaves and orange flowers. Splashing around, he ignored all the ornaments that were hanging on the wall, and as soon as he saw what he was supposed to be looking for, could be able to recognize it, somehow. He grabbed a cylinder that had the ends covered by decorated hemispheres, each one being a screw cap. He grabbed the end and spun it around until a crystal began to glow, illuminating the entire room with the same light as the sun.
He covered it again, bravery coursing through his veins along with adrenaline. He wanted to run back, but feeling the weight of the Lightstone in his hand, made him realized how difficult it would be to swim with it like that. With nothing on hand to use, he decided to just run away.
Before he knew it, he had reached the shore of the lily pad, opened the Lightstone container and thrown it into the sea so that the weight would carry it to the destination. Filling his lungs with air, he jumped into the water without a second thought, following the glow. The noise of the bubbles covered his ears for several seconds. Putting his feet on the platform, he pushed himself deeper. The cold of the sea soaked him to the bone again, but this time he ignored it, moving more aggressively to return the heat to the muscles of his limbs as he watched the Lightstone sink and reach the sandy bottom, lifting a small cloud around it.
He could see it, a rare glow momentarily blinding him, there was the missing gear. Feeling how his body began to ask for air, he tried to force himself to continue, even having that voice that told him that this was all crazy and that, in truth, none of that was his responsibility.
Before shutting it up, he had grasped the gear with one hand and used the same trick of propelling himself, placing his feet on the seabed and leaving the Lightstone behind.
The noise he made coming out of the water didn't sound like that of a Matoran. He had nearly drowned, and was coughing and feeling so dizzy that made him want to vomit. He'd done it.
With his entire body numb and still not fully recovered, he stood up, grabbing the spear from the ground, and moving closer to the mechanism, having to tear off several leaves to see where exactly the gear fitted.
Once everything was ready, he hit the button and the empty village was filled with the shrill sound of machinery. Bubbles began to come out of the water, first a few and then so much that it seemed that the sea was beginning to boil. A huge building rose rapidly out of the water, splashing everywhere and the huge water lily was back in its original position, still somewhat more mobile than the rest.
The Matoran without memories had turned away from the machine and the door that was now so close to him, staggering with one hand on his chest, feeling how little by little he felt better and how excitment (and air) filled his chest.
After some noises that seemed like paper being ripped apart, the doors slowly opened, letting out great torrents of water that scattered everywhere and returned to the sea with a shrill and constant noise. Once the last drops fell from the edge of the platform, the first Ga-Matoran began to emerge.
The first to come out was a figure that seemed weaker than the rest, the Turaga. She stared blankly, clutching her trident-shaped staff with both hands as she walked. Beside her, one of the villagers was accompanying her very closely, surveying the surroundings with a serious expression.
_ Guards _ she said with a firm and authoritative tone. _, to your posts, quckly. The beast could return at any moment.
Several villagers, who were still armed, came out in different directions with determined and monotonous steps, producing an echo that seemed like music. Simple and very boring music. Several jumped into the water while others stayed on the surface, looking everywhere.
One of the guards snatched the spear from the Matoran with no memories, thanking him for rescuing her in passing before running off.
Before he knew it, he was surrounded by the majority of the village, who were looking at him with curiosity and appreciation, keeping a safe distance and creating a crowd around him, the Turaga and her helper.
_ You do not know how grateful I am that you have saved my people, Matoran. If it weren't for you, I don't know how much longer we could have lasted.
He nodded uncomfortably, leaning forward quickly with a small bow of respect.
When he did that, no one else said anything or seemed to react for half a second, he panicked, believing that he had done something very disrespectful, but before his nerves got out of control, the Turaga's helper approached her to whisper something, followed by her returning the bow with much more grace and confidence than he had.
_ We are very grateful to you _ she repeated. She placed his staff on the ground and commanded the village. _ Everyone, we better start with the preparations. I doubt that none of those present want Toa Gali's first visit to be in such a neglected place, right? _ The village responded enthusiastically. _ People of Ga-Koro... to work!
She had raised both arms at the end of the sentence, and the Ga-Matoran responded in kind, with even more enthusiasm in their voices than before. A great stampede moved around them as they began to out everything together, clean up, repair the damage and continue with their work as if nothing had happened. As they passed by, the Ga-Matoran thanked the memoryless Matoran in different ways. Some tapped him on the shoulder, others told him from afar with a gesture and others made a bow similar to that of Turaga Nokama.
One of the latter, who had very long blue hair, instead of thanking him, she had stared shyly up and down, her lips parted and enraptured before nodding her head and continuing to walk.
The Matoran had become somewhat confused, looking at himself and seeing if he had something on him that made him look ridiculous. "Apart from being soaked... I don't see anything strange", he told himself, ending up noticing the colors of his body, red and yellow tones that clashed a lot with the rest of Ga-Matoran and the blue and dark green landscape of the place. "Maybe that's it ...".
Once they had all left and only the Turaga and her helper remained, she spoke again.
_ I would like to know the name of our savior _ her serious and strict tone shone again, intimidating the Matoran.
He now was in an uncomfortable position, how was he going to explain the situation?
_ Um... _ brought his hands together in front of his body, playing with his fingers. _ I don't know my name.
There was a moment of tense silence that made the Matoran without memories reproach himself for saying it that way.
_ How can you not know your name? _ released the helper with a mocking tone.
The Turaga turned to him without looking, raising a hand as a gesture for him to be silent.
_ Let him explain, Kotu.
Kotu crossed his arms, expecting anything from him. It took he Matoran without memories a couple of seconds to know exactly what he meant.
_ I woke up recently on a beach, I don't remember anything before that. I ran into Macku shortly after and came running to try to help.
The Turaga was looking at him, or so it seemed, since she had lost look on her face, grasping his staff with both hands, seeming that she was pondering the situation.
_ So, you've come to help us, huh? Macku explained how dangerous it would be.
The memoryless Matoran nodded. Kotu took a quick look at Turaga Nokama and spoke, folding his arms.
_ I see. Have you encountered the Tarakava? That would explain that ugly bump on your forehead.
_ Are you injured, traveler? Do you need medical attention?
Turaga Nokama's spontaneous response caused the memoryless Matoran had a warm sensation run from his chest.
_ No _ he said shaking his head and raising both hands. _, everything is fine, I already had it when I woke up. It doesn't.
He went to touch the wound on his right side to check that it was still there, feeling a stabbing pain at the time.
_ Ouch! _ released, making the Turaga raise her head higher.
_ Hm. I'd love to talk to you more, traveler. But it will have to be at another time. Kotu, can you take him to Shasa, please? Let him give our savior the care that he needs.
_ Right now, Turaga Nokama.
And before anything promised could be fulfilled, there was the shrill sound of water and a muffled moan from a Ga-Matoran.
Her body was seen rolling on the ground, the spear spinning through the air and landing beside her with a clatter. In the distance, more guards were heard screaming and shouting "Tarakava!" They warned from the top of their lungs.
Between the houses, the Matoran without memories could finally see what he had defeated an entire village and thanked everything that occurred to him for not having encountered that creature head-on while he tried to help Ga-Koro.
_ Turaga Nokama, we have to get out of here!
She slammed the cane on the ground, grabbing something over her shoulder and sliding it over her head into place, a Kanohi.
_ This beast has already wounded my people once... It will not happen again.
Large threads of drool hung from the sharp-toothed jaw. The wheels, as soon as it saw the Turaga, squealed against the lily pad, going directly against them.The nameless Matoran stepped in front of them with open arms, not knowing exactly what he was up to. The beast was approaching faster and faster.

"What's their problem!?" the Toa of Water wondered as she swam towards the sea, following rocks and algae that she found interesting. In her twisted assumptions, she thought that the masks would be hidden in special places, marked by the environment, and that each one would be in the different regions of the island to represent the Unity that she wanted so much to force on the rest.
"Each and every one of them is irresponsible, we have a role to play and they take their selfish ideas. 'Wanting to work alone' _ she made a dismissive gesture. _ All he will do is cause problems. We have to be united. But, no! We always have to do what those two stupid heads say. Why would I have listened to them? Ugh, damn them! I would be a thousand times better leader than the two of them together! A kid who gets angry when things don't go his way and another who runs away when everything doesn't go his way! I hate them!"
The shadow below her, distorted by water and light, opened its eyes, as if it had a life of its own. Red and black eyes, sickly, full of anger and envy. Her shadow raised an arm, but it soon dissipated, reverting to an ordinary shadow.
"I shouldn't think like that...". The shadow, which was retreating, closed its eyes again. "Unity... Duty... Destiny..., I must trust, as Turaga Matau said... I must trust the virtues, Mata-Nui, our mission, our destiny... that's it. I will trust. I will take on my role".
Little by little she stopped on her way, swimming less and less and letting herself be carried away by the current. She stared down the river, seeing the light and shadow blend into an amalgam that was pleasing to the eye.
Without much thought, she grabbed onto the bottom and perched on it, looking up. She remembered the first moments on the island. She wanted to return to that peace.
But was unable to return, as a Ga-Matoran was waving at her from the shore. She came out of the water. Macku, with a mixture of sweat and tears running down her cheeks, implores her to help her people and Gali is thrown down the river while Maku runs off again to reach her village.

"What's the plan?" he was screaming at the little voice in his head "You have no plan, get out of there!" The memoryless Matoran was ready to defend a group of strangers from the Tarakava as if he were just another Ga-Koro guard.
Turaga Nokama's Kanohi blinked for an instant and raised a hand, pointing at the crazed Rahi.
_ Stop _ she ordered in a whisper. The Rahi seemed to hesitate in advancing. _ You must fight against the control of him.
The Turaga continued speaking in whispers, but what she was saying was barely heard. Kotu was at her side, ready to grab her arm and drag her out of the place if he needed to.
The Turaga's attempt to stop the Tarakava seemed to work. The beast had dropped to the ground just a couple of meters from them. The platform shook with force with each jerky movement of the Rahi, seeming to fight something invisible. The Matoran had to cover his ears from the constant shrill shriek of the Tarakava as it rolled onto the ground.
He backed away, bent on protecting the Turaga. He could see out of the corner of his eye the outstretched arm of the Turaga, seeing it tremble slightly. The Rahi was on top of them, tensing one of his long arms to make the next merciless attack. Turaga Nokama's attempt had failed.
There was the sound of the water and a quick footstep on the lily pad, followed by a shrill bang. A shadow had stepped in front of them. Toa Gali had arrived at last, stopping the attack with her forearms, soaked from top to bottom and breathing heavily, covered by her blue armor.
_ Everyone, get away, hurry! _ she ordered, taking the hooks from the wrists and hooking the Rahi's arm so that it stayed in one place while they started to run.
The nameless Matoran was the last to leave, staring at the Toa constantly as she forced himself to hold the Rahi for a few more seconds. Kotu, meanwhile, helped the exhausted Turaga Nokama off the platform and away at a safe distance.
Now there were only the Toa and the Rahi. She released the Tarakava's arm and backed away in a couple of quick jumps without taking her eyes off the creature.
The Tarakava moved erratically in place, seeming to not know exactly how to continue its attack now that the Toa was there. His arms were shaking, and more saliva was coming out of its mouth than before. With a pained cry, it charged forward again. Gali retracted the hooks and braced herself. She made a slashing movement with her right arm and a wall of water came from that same side as the Rahi began its attack. The force of the current had deflected the Rahi's arm and it had struck the ground, passing over Gali's left shoulder.
With speed, before the wall of water formed a mass on the ground, she struck several specific spots with her fists, raising her middle finger a little higher than the rest. She had taken advantage of having grabbed its arm before to see which parts could be more delicate, and in each of them, the Tarakava received more than one blow that made it retreat when it could, with that same arm now numb for a while.
The Rahi let out angry screams that increased with each blow. Gali slid underneath it and took another hit at the creature's body-arm attachment, pulling quickly behind it and seeing how it reacted.
Now, Gali had a moment to reflect. The entire village was staring at the confrontation with bated breath, not wanting to move, and at her; she began to like that sensation of spectacle, not even realizing how theatrical some movements were just because she now had such a large audience.
She sat straight, her muscles tense but she acted as if the situation was not with her. She drew her hooks out and looked at them from all angles, wiping the inside of it with her thumb, deliberately ignoring the crazed beast heading in her direction again with a squeak.
As soon as it was two meters away, Gali spun around, commanding the seawater to form a whip at the end of her hook and struck the Rahi in the face with a single blow, breaking the tentacle in the process. The next blow to the face came from a kick, and the Rahi narrowly missed again.
One of its arms had failed, but the Rahi still had the other, almost recovered. The next thing Gali saw was the blue of the sky and the green of the water lily circling arround her. She got to her feet as fast as she could, feeling an intense pain in the side.
Her sense of pride quickly turned to anger and humiliation. She saw the Rahi approaching her again "It's just a wild beast... why is taking so long?", she said to herself.
Attack from the right, she was able to evade it by ducking. Now from the left, she was able to evade it by jumping, taking the opportunity to give the Rahi another kick on the head. Another and another and another attack, consecutive, fast, she could barely focus on the next attack before the previous one had been evaded. Little by little she was backing up until she found the building. She was able to step aside at the opportune moment, seeing the hole the Rahi had left in the wall, making her wonder how it hadn't done the same to her arms and to her injured side.
The open jaw of the Tarakava was approaching her with great speed. Gali leaned back and used its lower jaw for support to propel herself with one foot onto the building. Its fangs sank into the wall like a clay tablet as its arms charged again. Gali, embedding the grapples into the building to stay in place, propelled herself with his hands, striking both feet on the Rahi's head and pushing it away from the building. She propped her feet against the wall and pulled the hooks from it to propel herself toward the beast. She stepped just above its head and hooked the grapples back into the sides of the Tarakava's head using her inertia to knock it back to the ground next to her.
Gali had been about to grab the infected mask, but the Rahi kept slapping everywhere, not being able to have a safe opening to get too close.
She commanded the water to help with a movement of her two arms, the water swirled around one of the Rahi's and began to pull it, keeping it moderately restrained. The other was still loose and moving dangerously from side to side. Gali approached, received the blow to the other side, and encircled hers with the arm of the Rahi, pulling up and against her chest, immobilizing both of the arms.
The Toa, in a fit of frustration from all the fighting, began to hit the Rahi in the face with her free arm, over and over and over again until the Tarakava's efforts to break free slowed down a bit.
Panting, the Toa grabbed the infected mask that covered the Rahi's face and tugged at it with all his might, having to listen to the screams of pain from the Rahi until, at last, the mask separated with a sound similar to that of leather being uprooted from the rennet.
Silence suddenly reigned and the Tarakava lost all of his strength, instantly knocking out, unconscious. Everything seemed to be over.
_ Toa Gali! _ the Turaga was heard shouting _ Throw the Kanohi away!
But before she could do anything, a jolt went through her entire arm that held the mask up to her shoulder, it had exploded into a thousand pieces, and if it hadn't been for the armor, she didn't want to imagine how much damage she would have received in the fingers.
Before long, the Ga-Matoran made the same run around the Toa, looking at her with glowing eyes of adulation.
_ Why did you take so long, Toa Gali? We have been waiting for you.
That question took her by surprise and she couldn't help but apologize, remembering the humiliating reason for her delay.
》 She was at a brisk pace among the trees, looking for some place where there might be one of her masks. It hadn't be long since she lost sight of Lewa, feeling a great frustration that made her frown at all times.
She was unlucky enough to be looking at a bird's nest when a water-filled pit grabbed her leg and began to pull her. Being underwater was no problem for Gali, but the sensation of the water squeezing her neck and trying to separate her limbs was not entirely pleasant. She tried to control the water around her, to no avail.
She saw something on top of her, and without thinking twice, she hooked on her grapples, feeling it starting to pull from her. It had been Lewa's ax. The Toa of Air stared at the water-filled pit in disgust as she was perched on a branch, pulling the ax from her and her Sister.
Gali started coughing. She was out of the water now, but tentacles made of water swirled around her legs, wanting to pull her back into the pit again.
Lewa swapped her Kanohi for Pakari, having a slight flicker before she could tug at Gali like she was made of paper, dropping her moments later to the ground when the water returned to normal.
Exchanging the Kanohi for the Miru, her own, she leaped to another branch, squatting down and looking at her Sister with one hand resting on the side of her face with a wry smile.
_ Thought you were the Toa of Water.
Gali, who was still on the ground, soaked and with dirt sticking to her armor, felt humiliated, and she thanked her Kanohi for hiding her expression.
_ Clearly this has been the product of Makuta, Toa Lewa.
_ What a bummer _ got up, looking toward the pit. _. How unoriginal.
_ At least now Brother Pohatu has to believe that there is a "Makuta" to begin with _ Gali said to himself, standing up, using her elemental powers to clean and dry herself.
_ Well, I'm leaven _ Lewa hurried.
To which Gali quickly replied:
_ Wait, Sister. Can't you see? This is clear proof that we must all work together.
Lewa placed the huge ax on her shoulder.
_ Yeah... give me two more "clear proofs" and I'll believe you. I work alone.
Gali responded with a groan, seeing the green figure of her Sister disappear into the undergrowth. 《
Back in the present, Turaga Nokama put both hands on her shoulders, as if she was hugging someone and leaned forward slowly. Gali repeated it politely, feeling bad, not wanting to think about what would have happened if Lewa hadn't rescued her from that pit.
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2021.09.22 13:57 IndependenceEasy7525 I need someone that can code

Can anyone help me with finishing my game? I am making a war game and I need someone to code a few things for me
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BotoFinance - BOTO is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential BotoFinance - BOTO is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

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