2021.09.22 13:28 random_numb 4652669.27549

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2021.09.22 13:28 ZRadJ New NFT J-Corp | Battle of Gods collection influenced by Japan and anime. (link in comment)

New NFT J-Corp | Battle of Gods collection influenced by Japan and anime. (link in comment) submitted by ZRadJ to CryptoMars [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 ronald_mcdonald_4prz Making a mistake with dethatch going and overseeding?

I cut my lawn to 3” on Monday. My plan was to cut to 2.5” (maybe 2”) next Monday and then dethatch/aerate/overseed.
My concern is that dethatching could tear up some of my grass at that height and then overseeding might not germinate fully due to being zone 5B and end of September.
My grass looks quite good already, so don’t want to do more harm than good.
Would I be better off on waiting until the spring? Or am I overthinking this and good to go?
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2021.09.22 13:28 happy_waste Can someone rate my personal statement?

Looking to apply for a computer science undergraduate degree next year. Would really be a huge help if someone could rate my personal statement especially if they are doing the same programming.
Please DM me if interested.
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2021.09.22 13:28 Splicex42 I made a series of desert city districts some time ago, here is a parchment overview map

I made a series of desert city districts some time ago, here is a parchment overview map submitted by Splicex42 to inkarnate [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 Gino__Moustache I want to know ALL the fees shipping from US to Canada #CPORDERS

I want to order a laptop from their website and ship it to Quebec, Canada. I want to know for sure the total price I will have to pay for ALL of it (shipment, customs, us/canada taxes, duties, ETC.). The laptop that I wan't cost around 1700$ and I can only select UPS Ground (Canada) for shipment.
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2021.09.22 13:28 Financial-Piano1941 Track and trace support payment

Suffered covid the other week, luckily entitled to the track and trace support payment as my wages will be down next month but they are waiting for Tesco to reply to their email to confirm this! They have asked for me to Chase it up, my managers on holiday does anyone have the phone number I can ring or an email address? Thanks
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2021.09.22 13:28 GeoGebraMarvinpaskaa REMOVE THIS SATAN WORLD SHIT APPLICATION

hey assholes, what the fuck is your shit looking ends moving when you start doing this shit application which you idiots have done egg sweat in your horse shit smelled homes. Because of you, we in Finland have to use this in my high school graduation, and that's why we never become anything, because this fucking, shitty, idiotic, fucking fucking application doesn't work. I'm asking for the biggest compensation for me right away.
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2021.09.22 13:28 jesminrashid JCPenney coupon for sports goods - 20% Off Expire - 29th Sep

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2021.09.22 13:28 Dominus-Augustus Internships for recent graduates in Germany?

Hi everyone, I'm on verge of graduating from university (BS in Mechatronics Engineering). While I'm closing my work on Diploma Thesis, I'm looking for internship jobs in Germany. However, so far from job searching apps/ websites, I have observed that most of the internships are offered exclusively to current students. Is it necessary to be a student during the entire period of the internship? Are there internships offered to recent graduates? How do I find them?
I think it's worth mentioning that I'm from an eastern European country, not part of the EU. I know basic German.
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2021.09.22 13:28 Brandon_Speak99 Amortization calculator

I need assistance on writing a program that finds the monthly mortgage payment of a 30 year fixed rate of a home that cost $559,700 at an interest rate of 4.625.
The formula im using is A = P(i + i over (1+i) to the power of n minus 1)
A = periodic payment amount
P = amount of principle
i = periodic interest rate (as a decimal)
n = total number of payments
Note: The values I gave are user input
this the code I have so far

import math

P = int(input('Please enter the principal:'))
i = float(input('Please enter the interest rate (APR):'))
n = int(input('Please enter the term of loan (i.e., the number of years):'))

A = (P*(i+(i/(math.pow(1+i, n))-1)))

print(f'Your monthly payment will be: ${A:.2f}')
Can someone advise me on if I'm doing something wrong? Please and thank you.
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2021.09.22 13:28 hsuname Render vs wire frame view of my 3D artwork. I call this 'The Stinker'

Render vs wire frame view of my 3D artwork. I call this 'The Stinker' submitted by hsuname to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 Rude_Comfort Golu Gupta hookup dundh rahi , koi h kya ??

Golu Gupta hookup dundh rahi , koi h kya ?? submitted by Rude_Comfort to Indiangirlsontinder [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 HeadPsychological918 H: Legacy Jetpack Bundle W: Offers

Ultracite Jetpack RA with OE 7% less Explosive WWR
Excavator Jetpack Torso with Cham Powered Cavalier
T65 Jetpack LA with OE 7% less Explosive Sentinel
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2021.09.22 13:28 panda57885 Does WeChat server keep the chat history data?

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2021.09.22 13:28 Breeza909 Should I care that my Boyfriend (LDR) masterbates to other girls?

I feel a bit stupid asking because it’s no biggie right? I’ve never really worried about it since we are long distance and he can’t help it. However I’ve always wondered if I should be worried?
Idk he just gets hard to other chicks on Instagram or Tiktok usually and then goes off FaceTime to finish. This is only when he knows I’m not in the mood to join him etc…
Sometimes I think I just get a little jealous that’s all…
What do you think? Please be nice.
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2021.09.22 13:28 ProofOrItDidnthappen Tucker Carlson reveals a powerpoint from the U.S. Army justifying vaccine mandates with a slide that says "How many children were sacrificed to Satan for the vaccine?" along with listing the 7 tenets of Satanism

Tucker Carlson reveals a powerpoint from the U.S. Army justifying vaccine mandates with a slide that says submitted by ProofOrItDidnthappen to PoliticalVideo [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 CoinjoyAssistant NFTs could mark a resurgence in art galleries

NFTs could mark a resurgence in art galleries submitted by CoinjoyAssistant to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.09.22 13:28 Zealousideal-Tooth18 TC low (Asian Boyz) Get 15 years in prison for shootings at MBnel (MuddyBoyz)

After TC low try kill MBnel, he drop track Ride Thru They Set, where admit it
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2021.09.22 13:28 Gozii55 I Hate Having To Feign Excitement Whenever Someone I Know Has A Kid

Listen I'm happy for you. You have a kid, that's awesome. Can't my excitement end there? I really don't like kids. Why should I? They aren't as cute as people want to believe they are, they're sick all the time, they cry and smell bad. Just no.
One day I'll probably want to have a kid and I'll be happy and think it's the best kid in the world, but I simply don't understand people (sorry but especially mother's), who think everyone in the world will also love their baby like they're the second coming of Christ.
My team lead at work will constantly give us updated about her kid who's almost 2. She posts pics in every weekly meeting and makes sure to tell us every little detail about him. He's 2 now ok. The cute baby stuff is over, just stop.
Really I think there should be a change in etiquette. If the mother wants to have a baby shower, that's great. I'm not going to a fucking gender reveal. I'm not going to your kids first birthday. I don't really want to see pictures of him. I realize the fact that I'm a guy makes my perspective very very different than the average woman, which is fine. If women want to get super excited about babies then they should be able to. I do not need to be involved at all. I'm happy to say hi to your kid if we come over to your house, but otherwise I don't care.
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2021.09.22 13:28 APKMirrorBOT SonyLIV: Originals, Hollywood, LIVE Sport, TV Show 6.14.2 by Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt. Ltd

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2021.09.22 13:28 thedesihornyone Cute Tamil Girl Nude Video record By Lover And Blowjob part 4

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2021.09.22 13:28 SyriasSerj LuckPerms and Xaero's Minimap waypoint system - teleport problem

Hi guys, I recently set up a server in Aternos to play with a bunch of friends. I installed Xaero's Minimap for the usefully waypoint system, where you can set a waypoint of coordinates and then teleport.
Then I installed LuckPerms to only admin default users to teleport without being OP/having cheats enabled but /tp wasn't working.
After a few hours of troubleshooting I found that I needed EssentialsX so I installed it.Now the /tp to other players works, while the /tp to a certain position doesn't work because Xaero's Minimap uses the command /tp @ s.
I can manually change the tp command used by the Xaero's plugin, but it's a workaround and I don't really like it. I'd like to permit also the command that Xaero's natively uses, do you guys have any idea on how I can filter it on LuckPerms?
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2021.09.22 13:28 The_Echo_Mouse_Knows How do you know if you're queer if you've never even had a crush? Asking to try and silence my doubt

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2021.09.22 13:28 schnudifudi wir sind alle 🦄 hier.

wir sind alle 🦄 hier. submitted by schnudifudi to de [link] [comments]