Question about east asian cultures

2021.09.22 14:15 atwork1 Question about east asian cultures

So I've been reading a bit of Brad's blog and watching other videos explaining the pitfalls of consuming PUFAs and as a result of that I've been cutting them out of my diet (in addition to going low carb). Weight loss has been steady so far so I'm happy with the results!
There's one thing that still confuses me though. From what I've gathered, a lot of east asian cultures use sesame, peanut, and soybean oil heavily in their cooking. These are both loaded in PUFA yet the general populations in China, Korea, and Japan seem to remain thin. At least historically they've been thin... maybe this is changing lately.
I guess my quesiton is: Does anyone know if these oils are traditional to their diet, or have they been introduced recently (relatively speaking)? Don't get me wrong. I'm perfectly happy just eating butter and tallow. This is just a matter of curiosity and an attempt to rationalize what seems to be an outlier to the theory.
Thanks everyone! I look forward to continuing to learn more about this. It's rekindling my old highschool fascination with biology lol. time to brush up and see if I can follow the science again....
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2021.09.22 14:15 CandleNoises MacBook Air trackpad not clicking

So I just replaced the battery on my MacBook Air, now the track pad isn’t clicking - as in the bottom corners aren’t making the click sound. Is this an easy fix? or have I messed this right up?
If anyone has any links or tutorials I would appreciate them greatly, every time I’ve looked all the results come up as a non responsive track pad - the touch feature works fine!
This is my first time doing something like this, please don’t hate on me too hard
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2021.09.22 14:15 BrunoMarqui Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S - Discussão Episódio 12 (Final)


Onde assistir:
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2021.09.22 14:15 haukelele No one will notice, right?

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2021.09.22 14:15 Miralkhatibb شغل!!

حدا بعرف وين ممكن الاقي شغل اونلاين ( تصميم /لوجوز/تعديل(صور/فيديوهات)
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2021.09.22 14:15 Smart_Bhenchod can I only buy games from the PS store now for the PS5 Digital??

so I’m new to the PS and I’m wondering if I can only get games from the PS store now, or I can buy codes or keys online? Like fifa 22, does anyone know how it works now? =)) bc it seems bit expensive on the PS store
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2021.09.22 14:15 Irrelevant_Zack Best 'Sport Festival Speech'

What are the fics that have a really good speech on the Sports Festival ?
In particular I like the ones that have the "We are next" to reference All Might's 'You're Next!'
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2021.09.22 14:15 Usual-Adhesiveness70 Handcycling and Disability

hello cycling!
I am part of a team designing a system that helps disabled people move from their wheelchairs and into handcycles. If you have any experience or knowledge of this process, I would love to hear from you! Thanks!
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2021.09.22 14:15 Critical-Nail-7501 Ps4 Comp Week 2 25$ SB WINNER

We are a league that has been together since M21. We have a good Commission Team and Trade Commitee that are ran really smooth. The league is pretty balanced with users. If you are looking for a new league that is ran properly with no cheese and no toxicity you are at the right place. Come join us and have fun 😁🔥
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2021.09.22 14:15 johnrock001 Boruto Filler List - Complete List Of Boruto Filler

Boruto Filler List - Complete List Of Boruto Filler -
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2021.09.22 14:15 Producktive95 Premier MM vs Normal MM

Hi everyone,
Was wondering what’s the best way to play CSGO MM these days? I remember when premier 1st released there were a lot of complaints about how you could get matched against people way higher or lower than your rank. But with it being out for almost a year now and being open to everyone, is that still the case? Would I still be better off playing normal matchmaking to get more even matches? Also I am aware that ESEA & FACEIT are much better than either of the in game matchmaking systems but I’m not interested in spending money for either service at the moment.
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2021.09.22 14:15 DreadFullGH Time on Miller's planet explained.

I can't believe no one has mentioned this before, but there is a much bigger easter egg in the music: Each tick in the score is a whole day passing on Earth. Here's the math, as made by u/baconarcher on Reddit: " If you time 60 seconds of the track and count the ticks, you get 48 ticks. 60/48 = 1.25. That's where you get the time interval from. As we know, there are 3,600 seconds in an hour. They mention in the movie that every hour on the planet is roughly 7 years in Earth time. 7 years is 221,000,000 seconds. Take 221,000,000/3,600 and you get roughly 61,400 seconds that pass on Earth for every second spent on the water planet. Multiply 61,400 by 1.25 (the interval) and you get 77,000 seconds, or 21 hours. Thus each tick is a whole day passing on Earth. If you make the assumption that each tick is exactly 1 Earth day (86,400 Earth seconds) then an hour correlates to 7.88 years on Earth. The extra .88 could be rounding errors by the crew. As an extra tidbit: a time dilation factor of 61320 gives a tick interval of 1.409 seconds, and a tick interval of 1.25 seconds gives a time dilation factor of 69120. " Personally, I don't think it was a calculation error. You can't make a music that has "49.57264" bpm. There are some rules and practicalities. So I think it's accurate enough. This just needed to be pointed out. Zimmer is a genius.
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2021.09.22 14:15 Hexagon_XD [RECRUITING] TH9 War, Push, Chill Etc..

I'm starting a th9 clan. U can be retired th9, push th9, war star farming th9, anything just we need 18/18 heros and no rushes. Dono accounts are allowed.
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2021.09.22 14:15 Tagliavini Galion History Center: Brownella Cottage

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2021.09.22 14:15 sanipriyaiz I'm SELLING CSGO Trade Banned Accounts With DRAGON LORE, HOWL, FIRE SERPENT, and RARE KNIVES, The accounts are only shadow trade banned, which means you can play Comp,Faceit, like any normal account, Cheap Prices from less than 100 EURO euro or more. add me on discord darkax#3101

I'm SELLING CSGO Trade Banned Accounts With DRAGON LORE, HOWL, FIRE SERPENT, and RARE KNIVES, The accounts are only shadow trade banned, which means you can play Comp,Faceit, like any normal account, Cheap Prices from less than 100 EURO euro or more. add me on discord darkax#3101
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2021.09.22 14:15 kfor1996 Passerby (Part 1) - Mini-series about a runaway boy and a depressed girl

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2021.09.22 14:15 Glove_Fit russia is too cold even for ron roblox

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2021.09.22 14:15 telex_bot Egyre hatékonyabban terjed a levegőben a koronavírus, egyre fontosabbak a jól záró maszkok

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2021.09.22 14:15 jimmyGI Where are the snakies huh?

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2021.09.22 14:15 PPStudio Serial killers among war criminals, in democidal/genocidal governments and other opportunistic environments

A phenomenon that struck me one day and lead to a budding research is the fact that Soviet Union only had three publicized serial killers (Komaroff, Labutkin, Vinnichevsky) after the revolution and up to World War II, but then number went through the roof in 1970's to a point that some cases are still classified. It generally was what lead to creation of a catastrophic if common stereotype that 'serial murder is a Capitalist crime near-absent in USSR' which lead to more people sentenced to death and prison for each prolific serial killer than anywhere else, I believe (14 people sentenced for Gennady Mikhasevich alone, one of them to death).
It then occurred to me that situation in Soviet Union in 1917-1944 just naturally had most serial killers hide in plain sight: first in chaotic situation after revolution and then in authorities, NKVD, OKPB etc. Latter becomes blatant as soon as you read about some of the prolific figures in Stalin's regime, especially those who specifically either sanctioned or executed purges. Vasily Blokhin's biography shocks me in particular not just with sheer vile brutality of what he did over the course of his career as main executioner in 1923-1953. Very approximate estimates give numbers of people killed by his hand anywhere in-between 10,000 and 50,000. While latter number seems rather outlandish it should be noted that Blokhin signed a lot of papers which indeed signify that he did it and numbers like 200 people a day were not uncommon to him. Reading excerpts of his recorded speeches quite literally made my skin crawl, as he very calmly gives details about how execute people in cold blood and cleanup afterwards. Reminded me a lot of aforementioned Komaroff who was very machine-like and Onoprienko who had the same calm and detached behavior and assessment of taking human life.
The fact of Blokhin being an exceptional case in his line of work is further exemplified by him being practically the only executioner during those years who never consumed alcohol and never had the need to: his lunch breaks were apparently notable for equestrianism literature and very sweet tea. The other oddity is the sheer longevity of his career because a lot of his colleagues ended up being executed or dead long before his career naturally ended with the death of Stalin. Blokhin apparently had specially tailored killing attire consisting of specially tailored leather apron (rather symbolic considering with whom it is associated, even if due to a suspect who likely wasn't the real perpertator), gloves and hat that were easy to clean of blood.
Although being noted by Stalin himself, Blokhin worked closely first with Nikolay Yezhov and then with Lavrentiy Beria. Although the latter is most known as being at the very least a serial rapist and is often suspected to be a serial killer as well, Yezhov is perhaps even more notable in that regard behavior-wise. He apparently kept bullets by which some of his notable colleagues were killed (a lot of them by Blokhin) as trophies in his office and also directly tortured some people.
There was also a whole toxicological lab lead at one point by Grigory Mairanovsky, who personally executed and assassinated people via assorted poisons and also used political prisoners for experimentation. His work somewhat reminds me of Josef Mengele and Aribert Heim but unlike the infamous Nazi scientist, Mairanovsky was a specialist in biochemistry and, well, was technically a direct hands-on killer.
I must admit I haven't researched Nazis that closely yet, but a lot of war criminals in World War II do have certain elements very similar to serial killers. Antonina Makarova who was a Nazi collaborator and an executioner of Soviet partisans from 1942 to 1943 was sentenced to death in 1978 for 168 fully proven murders but considering she carried them on a daily basis with a Maxim machine gun, official estimates are much higher and are nearing 1,500. Not unlike Blokhin, she was chosen by the Nazis (who were reluctant to do the job himself) for her detachment which is rather astonishing by both witness and her own accounts. She was known for keeping clothes of her victims, at times choosing them when they were still alive.
I'd love to hear more examples of war criminals and authority figures that seriously give serial killer vibes once you research extensively. There are obvious cases like aforementioned, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, Adolf Eichmann, Alice Orlowski, Pol Pot and so on, but I'd love to know whether anyone read on the obscure cases that almost fell through the cracks in assorted regimes. Something that struck you as very serial killer-ish amongst war criminals, organized crimes, intelligence, etc.
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2021.09.22 14:15 Dharav_9o9 Cannot Equip Adler Operator after Buying Brainwashed Bundle from PS4 Store

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2021.09.22 14:15 EdmonDantes42 Life on Mars (UK) (Complete Series) (Link in Comments)

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2021.09.22 14:15 waukeena I hate making shop drawings.

I just made a design for an insert with a coliminator for one of our nuclear reaction chambers at work, based on the ideas from the researchers. I detailed the whole thing, inserted hardware to check for clearances, designed in channels for wire routing, recesses for the target holders, the whole shebang. Now we have to get our machine shop to manufacture it. This is a shop full of old school machinists. They've got DROs on maybe half of the machines, and nothing CNC that can speak gcode. They can do some really good precision work, and are more than capable of making all of these parts (parts are a combination of acetal, hdpe, and aluminum). But unfortunately, they can't really go from the 3D CAD to a finished part, so I've got to make shop drawings. I probably wouldn't hate making shop drawings so much if I had never seen the auto-dimension feature in solidworks. That thing is incredible! Even inventor has something, although it's not quite as slick as SW. F360? Nada. You've got to do everything by hand, and it's just so boring. I tried moving my models from Fusion to Inventor, but it won't auto-dimension imported files, AFAICT. I really understand why firms employed so many designers to back up their engineers, but unfortunately that's not a luxury that I have. This mechanical stuff is maybe 10% of my job, so I always manage to leave out a critical dimension, and the shop has to call over and ask (yes, like on the phone, they don't really use email).
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When your back is against the wall and you have screwed shareholders time and time again, what do you go back to the Nader playbook.
Nader calculus:
"The shareholders of my company are so stupid, I can just regurgitate a new press release on the approval of Severe in Brazil, that I sent out on Aug 3, add some dosage info to make it look new and call it a win. Worked before, why not!"
Reddit Feedback:
" Hold my Beer Nader, we're going to the moon!"
The time for Nader is coming to an end shortly.
Vote to remove the to remove Nader
A new day is coming and the majority of shareholders can't wait.
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2021.09.22 14:15 johnrock001 Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins

Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins -
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