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I just got my first RTT. October 14th is her maiden voyage!!! I have been doing a lot of research and reading on how to tweak my RTT to get the most out of it. While I have been doing this annual trip for more than 32 years, I just am tired of sleeping on the ground. I want to be as comfortable as possible with the least amount of trouble setting up and breaking down. I can't afford a pimped out sprinter van (or any purpose built vehicle) so this is a decent alternative. Things that concerned me were: - Theft. - Condensation. - Sleeping comfort. - Fitting bedding into a folded Tepui.
Instead of agonizing over trying to create the right kind of replacement mattress with toppers or by ordering custom foam online, I decided to bite the bullet. I could have purchased one of Tepui's upgraded mattresses but it kind of irked me that they don't sell it with this already (or as an option). After reading a ton of reviews and suggestions, I decided to spring for an Exped Megamat 10 Duo. That will give me plenty of sleeping room and a bit of "edge room" to keep a few things in the tent. I will "deflate" somewhat so it will take up less space than a foam mattress when folded. This may allow me to keep the sheets, three wool blankets and an ALPS camp comforter inside when folded. This would allow for an easy set up and breakdown. As for condensation... Yeah, I ordered a mat. Condensation overall? The mat will handle that along with keeping the windows open at night. I should be super comfortable in this. I'm not doing winter camping (i.e. snow-line) and I expect the lowest temperatures I will experience (based on all those years) to be in the mid 40's. Oh, and I picked up a ten fan that will aid in air movement. About my only unsolved concern is overnight theft if I stopped while traveling at a hotel or if I mount it to my Malibu the night before I leave and it is on the street. I know that soft-sided RTT are not as much of a target as hard tops but I've read too many horror stories. I bought security nuts. I am getting a bike alarm and a cable lock to lock to the rack. None of these are in the least full proof but they will (combined) make it a less desirable target. The reality is that I have decided to mount it at 6:00am, just before I drive off. In theory, I should be able to get it mounted in a relatively short 10m minutes... I hope. Are there any tweaks that I missed here in this direction? Anything anyone wants to add? I'll report back on my Tepui when I return.
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2021.09.22 14:10 UsualHold Luna. My deaf and partially sighted 12 year old cat. She's only 1.5 kilos but still happy.

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2021.09.22 14:10 Thingy84 Today is my birthday

I turn 14 today :)
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2021.09.22 14:10 kuromahou Weekend League is not 20 games

Seeing this a lot so I want to help clear up some confusion.
1) you have to play 9 games of qualification every week. Win 5 lose 4 you are in. Win 6 you are in. So that’s 6 games.
2) you then have 20 games of finals to play. Win 16 in a row? You’re done. If not, keep going
The least amount of games you play for going flawless is 22. 6+16.
Throw any number of losses in there and you quickly approach 29 games. Every weekend. No skipping the first 9. No matter how good you are.
Just wanted to clear that up
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2021.09.22 14:10 Aqualung1 Traveling and totally slacked off on my routine of stretching and deep tissue massage

By day 3 I noticed my PF really flaring up. Made me realize what a major component these 2 things are in managing my PF.
The resulting pain from not keeping the routine is a great motivator to stop and do the necessary work.
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Energy and Gold / gold
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2021.09.22 14:10 Bloxistic Just got MIUI 12.5

Downloading the update right now, I'll do an update once I use 12.5
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2021.09.22 14:10 Phinestbeats Stream 0ceaneyes by phinest | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Rap Beat - Phinest - Ocean Eyes
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2021.09.22 14:10 UnionNo2515 Elbows

Is there any way to roughen or do anything to the skin on elbows to make it easier to cut someone up.
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2021.09.22 14:10 G5100G Woke up at 7 AM to my mother trashing me to my grandparents

I woke up at seven am today to immediately hear my mother talking to my grandparents telling them how I've never worked a day in my life, how I don't listen to her and how I don't like people because I'm seventeen and don't have a job yet.
First I wish we'd stop only considering a job as work and not other things, because a job is not the only way someone can work.
One of the definitions of work is "a task involving physical or mental effort done to achieve a purpose or result".
By that definition I actually HAVE worked nearly every day of my life since birth. I've sacrificed my mental health and emotional stability for my mother all my life, I've cried and hyperventilated so many times because of her, I've been threatened and beaten and trashed many many many many times. So I guess I have worked, in my own way.
I love my grandparents but if they choose to listen to the woman that ruined me talk about how I'm worthless and lazy while not saying word about the things she's done to me then I might have to get away from them to.
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Here is the Walmart Coupon For Online
Really good site if you are looking for coupon codes. You can find most stores deals, coupons, deals on there.
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Franc, Yasinya Franc, Yasinya https://franc.kpblm.info/en Franc features a restaurant, bar, a garden and ski-to-door access in Yasinya. There is a terrace and guests can make use of free WiFi and free private parking. The rooms in the inn are equipped with a kettle. Bokaniuka street 2a, Yasinya, 90630, Ukraine
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2021.09.22 14:10 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - Letter: Vaccines are our only way out of this | Salt Lake Tribune

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2021.09.22 14:10 HoleyProfit BTC bulls who told me to go fuck myself 3 weeks ago ...

Please do not message me now asking for my time. I do not hold grudges, but that's not how this works. Even if you're offering money. What was free 2 weeks ago you can not buy today.
The time for chatting is before price starts to move, when price is moving it's time for trading.
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