Trying to become a content creator for War Thunder

2021.09.22 13:41 WarrhunderbugsOwner Trying to become a content creator for War Thunder

Hey I don’t know if I’m aloud to post this or not but I just wanted to ask all of you wonderful lady’s and gents if y’all could maybe take a peek at my YouTube channel and maybe sub but only if you want to my channel is The Salty Tanker. P.S. If you do sub then I will sub back thx.
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2021.09.22 13:41 judebetz You guys like my makeshift ghillie suit?

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2021.09.22 13:41 Vendetta543 PSA on how to avoid being romanced by Sosiel, Lann and Daeran

So a lot of people have been posting about how these three are really pushy with romancing the Commander and many have no idea what led to it. Here’s a short list of things to avoid.

  1. Do not ask him to paint you in private. Even if you mean it platonically its taken as a sign of flirting. If you ask him as a female he‘ll even tell her not to expect anything.
  2. During the gargoyle attack when you reunite, don’t tell him that you’re so glad he’s safe. Again even if meant platonically its taken as romantic pining for some reason.
  1. Don’t take the obvious flirty options such as blowing a kiss at him during the trickster awakening or insinuating that he’s in love with you.
  2. When he makes plans to leave in act 1 tell him that he doesn’t intrigue you. The dialogue seems really jerky but indicating interest seems to trip up the flag where he starts aggressivley courting you.
  3. Just to be safe, whenever he makes comments about love and romance during main quests pick the stay silent options.
  1. When he comes into your tent saying that he wants to look out for you tell him that you’re the Commander and don’t need looking after. Again kinda rude, but it cuts off the romance. I kept emphasizing that he was my main friendo dude and his romance events still triggered.
  2. When you get to the sparring option refuse to partake. From what I‘ve gathered agreeing to it may lock him into thinking you‘re dating and then you gotta break up with him rather rudely.
That’s it. Hopefully this helps the people who find themselves feeling like the heroine of a shoujo manga or something. I got tripped up in the demo and ended up with both Sosiel and Daeran aggressivelyflirting even though I was aiming for Arueshelae.
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2021.09.22 13:41 catalanz I need help in finding width and length from two boxes with similar heights.

There are two rectangular boxes and the dimensions are: a) The boxes’ heights are the equal; and b) The first box can hold 240 ft3 and 270 ft3 2. Form a quadratic equation that would represent both of the boxes’ volumes. 3. Solve for the width and length using the formed equation.
I’m stuck on how we form the equation, although I’ve found out the dimensions through trial and error.
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2021.09.22 13:41 PowerBottomBear92 The police should not be militarized

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2021.09.22 13:41 liban16 Every chunin exam's disaster strikes

So we have seen boro's cult already but we havent seen many of his outers so i say some cult members infrom boro's outers of boro's death and how konoha nin told them about it so they decided to group up to infiltrate the chunin exam's.
So new gen vs kara outers fights. Also the kawaki arc has barealy included the other new gen tbh so an anime canon arc where the new gen get to fight would be great and the anime is only 10 chapters away from the manga and i also think they need more fight experience and motivation to train hard over timeskip. Ikemoto did say timeskip is near last year in jump festa well this is probably for the manga but the anime is close to the manga now anyways.
I mean i would love for sarada to finnaly see mitsuki in sage mode since neither boruto or sarada know he has it yet. Ofc it would be a great way for sarada to awaken her 3rd tomoe aswell like in a 1vs 1 fight against some outer since in the manga she already has her 3rd tomoe in the boro fight.
So yh what do you guy's think of kara outers infiltrating the new chunin exam's and fighting the new gen. this would kinda be like og naruto's chunin exam's
Also hopefully its in the cloud village we havent seen it in the new era yet.
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2021.09.22 13:41 Domo-Ged I’m confused, and it’s making me depressed.

For a bit of context, I’ll tell you about myself and my partner. And this is a very long post.
I - 28m, full time chef. I work long hours. Very anxious, generally very affectionate. I have a serious issue with overthinking and over planning things. I ‘check in’ a lot with friends and family. I really don’t like my job, but I stay there cause it’s within walking distance of my partner’s house.
She - (Rachael) 32f full time student & weekend restaurant worker. Also very anxious, but tries not to speak about it. Never been particularly affectionate. Has an issue with communication.
Living together for almost a year - rushed slightly as the options were ‘don’t see each other for the full lockdown, or see each other every day'.
During the first lockdown we texted constantly, and actually really got to know each other, so we decided to live together during the second one.
Her house - 1 bed, 1 reception, 1 shower room, small kitchen. We’re in a close space. We also have a dog. (She has a dog from a previous relationship, he stays with us most of the week, but his 'grandparents' take him while we work).
Over the past few months, both of us have had some pretty intense things happening in our lives, ranging from suicides to family tragedy. It’s been a tough couple of months. She describes her coping mechanisms as ‘bottling it up until she bursts’.
So lemme tell you about the last week.
Wednesday - We got up, sat on the couch, holding hands, it was nice. I went for a driving lesson and when I got back (I may have been overthinking, I had some illness, manflu or something) thought Rach was being a little distant, sitting by herself rather than on the couch, not interested in eating, not saying much. But any time I asked if she was alright she’d respond “yeah fine”. We did a lot of sitting about in silence until she went to work. After work, things seemed kinda normal. I didn't do much cause I wasn't feeling great, the dog went to stay with his 'grandparents'.
Thursday - I’m still not great with the flu but, an early start for both of us. She left for University and I got ready for work. I got a message saying the car had broken down so she would get busses. When she got home, naturally she was in a bad mood. "Hey, are you okay? How was your day?" "The car broke down, my day was shit". She suggested I go meet some friends in the bar while she goes and gets the car. (I probably shouldn’t have been drinking while ill, but hindsight is 20/20). The car was recovered and she joined me in the bar. We had a couple of drinks, went home and long story short she said she didn’t really enjoy living with me, cause she has no space in her own home, and feels like I’m constantly checking on her. I went outside for a cigarette and phoned my dad to speak with him about it all, he offered to come get me, but I declined. I went back in and Rach was asleep on the couch, I carried her to bed and went to sleep.
Friday - Hadn’t really slept, Rach was hugging into me, which as I mentioned before is out of character. I left for work and the illness and anxiety was destroying me. I worked for 4hrs and then left early. When I got back I said to Rach that we needed to talk. I offered to move back in with my parents, or at least spend more time there and she said that wasn’t what she wanted. I said I’d try to give her more space, and she told me she didn’t want the relationship to end, she put the ‘outburst’ down to bottling things up too long. I told her that she can talk to me about the things which have gone on over the past few months, and I think that talking will help. She went to work in the evening, had a couple of drinks in the bar and texted me saying she’d be late. She ended up at a friend’s house. This friend usually fills me with anxiety, cause anytime he’s involved, there’s a lot of alcohol and generally some coke as well. But I figured, fuck it, give her space. (He’s gay as well, so this is a completely platonic relationship, before anyone finds her staying at his too odd).
Saturday - I took the day off work, something I've never done before, partially illness, partially anxiety and probably a sprinkle of depression by this point. I woke up in bed alone, checked my phone and saw that Rach was online (it’s like 7am) I texted her “hey, are you alive?” “Yeah, sorry I ended up at Charlie’s”. I didn’t really text her much, but I was aware that her and Charlie were working that evening and Charlie’s snapstory showed that they were still drinking at lunchtime. Eventually she got to work. I’m close with most of the staff at her work and was texting my two best friends, who work there, they said the place was basically fully booked, and so after service I texted Rach asking how she was, having now been awake for around 36hrs. She said she had survived. She also told me that her and Charlie had just been drinking, no drugs. She got home, and naturally wanted to sleep.
Sunday - Back to work for me. Fully booked, full-on shift. Stayed somewhat in contact with Rach, but trying not to text too much. It hit around 4pm and she messaged saying she was going for a beer. I got to the bar around 8, and everything seemed fine, I was met by the dog, who went crazy, got zoomies and cuddled into me most of the night, and I overheard her saying to someone that he's never really responded to anyone the way he does with me, which was nice. Then she hit a turn and seemed quite drunk, she left our table and was floating around talking to everyone but me (again, this could be me overthinking things) - she started planning an after party and, at first, I was against it, but I shut up after getting ‘a look’, it's her house after all. So, we end up back at hers with a couple of guys from the bar. I fell asleep on the couch, woke up as things were winding down and went to bed.
Monday - I went to work. Texted Rach around 2pm cause I was bored, but there wasn’t much of a conversation - "what are you up to?" "Studying, what are you up to?" "Work" that sort of back and forth about our day so far. I got back and we watched Netflix, cuddled in a bit. It was nice, kinda felt like things were finally back to where they were. I told her that I’d appreciated her staying in contact when she was going to the bar and things, and how it helps my anxiety.
Tuesday - We’re both off. I went for a driving lesson, got back and was met with a similar sort of silence as last time I got back. She studied most of the day and I played the PlayStation. In the evening we watched Netflix but the vibe was completely different. Opposite ends of the couch. We watched a movie that she needed to see for Uni and then went to bed. Completely opposite ends of the bed. I realised about halfway through the day that I hadn’t taken any anxiety meds, so took one then.
Wednesday (today) - She has an event on (which I thought would be a heavy drinking event, but she says she’s gonna drive her friends car). I woke up feeling shitty from last night and came through to the living room, she was watching TV and immediately cuddled into me. She went for a shower and to go and do her hair and makeup for this event that she’s got. But today she’s being pretty affectionate. Keeps popping through to ask how she looks and things. She asked what I thought of the outfit, and I said that she looks incredible, she's just left to go to the event and I said I'd sort something for dinner when she's home. One of my intrusive thoughts of the day is that she's being extra nice today so that I stay here with the dog while she goes to her event, but I think that's just pessimistic overthinking.
I don’t know where I stand. I don’t know if things are getting better, or if things are getting ignored. She says she’s fine. We’re fine. She's working on her positive mental attitude.
On one hand, I don’t know if it’s cause I’m trying to give her more space, so I feel a little bit weird. She’s also trying to be more affectionate I think, but we’re kinda clashing. Also, since the ‘talk’ I’m finding it hard to refer to her house as ‘home’ or ‘ours’ - it is very much her house, but beforehand I felt included, I’ve bought furniture, helped decorate, etc.
I’m feeling tired all the time, I took a nap yesterday for the first time in around 20 years. I think I’m depressed, and I don’t know what to do. I love Rach, and I believe she loves me too. Part of me thinks that a lot of this could be solved by owning a bigger house, so that we're not in each other's space so often.
I honestly feel a little better having typed all that out, and got it off my chest, but I'm still anxious as Hell and any input would be appreciated.
TLDR; I’m getting mixed messages from my partner and I think it's making me depressed. I want input on the situation, particualarly if people have been in similar situations.
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2021.09.22 13:41 LawlessLeopardsOfLib Dinner Prep with an Italian-American Family (Garlic Stoichiometry)

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2021.09.22 13:41 Muteki_____ Daemon X Machina: Star Reclaimer - Chapter 3-2

Daemon X Machina: Star Reclaimer - Chapter 3-2
[Hangar: Within Orbital Base]
"All right. I've prepared some equipment for you. Do you know how to use all of this?"
"Sorry, I don't have time for an explanation. I need to get to B deck in a few minutes."
"I’ll have to explain it to you while you’re in transport. Which one do you want to use?"
Zack's table has objects that look like a blitz, assault rifles, and much more. These are all new to me so I’m not sure which one to choose. When I look up from the equipment, I see Zack grinning. I wonder if he is getting a kick out of watching me mentally wrestle with which one to choose?
"... I'm sorry. Can you give me some recommendations here?"
"Of course. With the equipment recommended by yours truly, any Outer can survive on the battlefield."
"Hey, idiot. Be serious! This is about life and death. Let’s not waste time."
"Yeah, yeah. Relax, man."
"Rookie, it’s foolish to accept this mission without any knowledge of how to use your weapons," Chief Aaron states.
"Yup, he’ll always just be a Rookie."
"Oh, you think you know, huh?"
"Enough! Both of you!"
Aaron's words run shivers down my spine. Zack quickly starts equipping my suit.
"OK, you’re all set. Be careful out there."
"Come back alive."
"I'll be back."
That was an automatic reply. Perhaps I’m too nervous. Suddenly a sensation runs up my body as if some lost feelings where returning to me. I wave to the crew guys and start running to the B deck.
[B deck: Within Orbital Base]
< Riot 31, ready for departure. >
"Get on quickly. Let’s leave!"
"Rookie, this way!"
I grab Crow's hand as he pulls me aboard on the quadcopter. Crow and Crown Princess are already on board. With their legs hanging out of the chopper, I notice that the two are wearing equipment that I’m unfamiliar with.
"Here, put this on!"
Crow points to equipment that looks similar to what he is already wearing. It seems to be some sort of flight device that goes on my back.
"This thing!?"
The sound of the propellers of the quadcopter drowns out my voice, and we cannot hear each other at all unless we’re shouting.
"As you’d expect, when we jump from the chopper, use this jetpack."
"Are you serious!?"
"Dead serious. If you want to leave a suicide note, pass it to Four now."
< Would you like me to record your final message? >
"What?! No, stop! (Like this isn’t suspicious or anything)."
Crow just grins. Crown Princess is as expressionless as ever.
"Head out!"
< Riot 31, takeoff. >
The quadcopter flies low. It creates quite a lot of noise as it passes over the residential area, but the residents don't seem to notice it. Probably common for them. I wave to some children who are playing in spite of this unusual sight. Some of the children who notice turn around to wave back.
"Are you tagging along just to check things out?"
"No, not exactly."
"Ah, ok. Well, this is my first ground mission, so forgive me if I'm not sure what’s going on."
Without replying, Crown Princess begins to check her weapons. Her Blitz has a shorter barrel than what I’m carrying. Her chest rig around her Outer suit is equipped with a variety of grenades, huge bullets and, above all, a folding sniper rifle. She must not only carry sniper rifles on her Arsenal but also on herself.
On the other hand, Crow is equipped with something that looks like a gauntlet on his left arm. He is carrying a bit more rugged equipment with a molle-type belt around his waist, a large number of magazines and a blitz weapon. He also has a large fighting knife, a shotgun on his back, and a submachine gun in his right hand. I have never seen his Arsenal, but I can imagine that it probably matches this close combat set-up.
“3 minutes…”
Let’s compare that to what I’ve got for this mission.
I’ve got my blitz and some magazines and grenades around my waist. An assault rifle, and a blade. I feel like it's somehow different though, like I’m just borrowing this equipment compared to the two of them owning their gear. I check my blitz rifle and notice that the aim is digitally displayed on an HDI. The safety device is set to manual. Assuming various situations, it is possible to fire this through four methods: manually, voice-activated, visually by line of sight, and through brain waves.
“2 minutes…”
The destination of some wilderness and destroyed cities pops up on my HDI. It can be seen that there has been a battle happening from the heavy amount of black smoke rising from the city.
“1 minu--… shit!”
At the same time as the pilot's curse, our HDIs are filled with bright red dots. It’s the enemy!
"Hold on!"
The quadcopter tries to avoid the first wave of the enemy attacks.
Crown Princess is thrown from the chopper due to a sharp turn.
Crow jumps out after her without hesitation.
"Two people have jumped!"
< Riot 31 will divert the enemy’s attention from them. Please rise to move into a support position. >
"Roger that. Riot 31 ascending! Sirius, jump while you still can."
"Right. Good luck!"
"You too!"
As per Four’s previous instructions, I throw myself out of the quadcopter. Below me I can see the other two members continue to glide down alongside a mobile drone. I flip on the switch to my pack and watch as wings on my back fold out. The operation seems manageable through the virtual control displayed on the HDI. As I continue to descend, I somehow fire off some shots from my Blitz weapon.
"Awesome ..."
< Lock onto an enemy. Focus your thoughts on it. The blitz will unfold and attack at your will."
"Oh, oh. Nice."
I focus on my HDI while listening to Four’s voice. It’s a bit difficult to adjust to, but in my current freefall, I can't afford to hold a rifle and shoot. I take aim at the Immortals springing up from the surrounding ruins. I change the blitz mode from stun to kill. Then shoot.
< Blitz uses your body’s femto along with the surrounding area femto to fire laser blasts. There is also a bullet ammunition type available, but your present blitz unit should suit you for now. >
"Yeah, seems fine."
Once I’ve gotten the hang of it, I find it easier than aiming with my Arsenal. Just lock and shoot. Instead of just aiming manually, I am able to lock-on to enemies with my HDI, crushing Immortals quickly and accurately. I just need to focus my thoughts on the enemies in front of me.
"Well done."
"See, it's easy to take out these things."
Communications come from the other two mission members. Crow and Crown Princess seem to have already landed. Although I cannot visually see them, the recognition marker of an ally is displayed as a blue light on my HDI. The drone unit that Four commands is able to destroy the enemies around me.
"Four, can you let up with the drone?"
< I’ll leave it to you. >
I break from the drone operation and focus on defeating enemies on my own with blitz and rifles. If I can't manage both weapons at the same time, I should just concentrate on whichever one I can use better right now. I gradually continue to descend my altitude and land on a building where the other two Reclaimers are hiding.
"This place is dangerous."
Crow points to his arm. His Outer suit has been slashed up by enemy attacks in some places. Seeing his wounds sends a chill down my spine. I feel a panic come over me because I am without the safety of my Arsenal.
"Four, do you have the position of those scientists?"
< Sending them to your display. >
A light dot is displayed on my HDI, but interesting enough, it is in the vicinity of where the black smoke rises.
"Four, are you sure they aren’t already dead?"
< That possibility exists, however the black smoke that you see is coming from a smoke bomb that was instructed to be used in case of an emergency. Therefore, there is still a good chance of survival. >
"Emergency signal? How can you be certain? It looks like regular smoke from h--"
“Four is capable of visually analyzing the compounds in the smoke.”
< Correct. It is possible for me to distinguish the increased concentration of the smoke signal’s unique ions, elements, and other carbon concentrations. >
"You see, they are using the smoke because if they put out a digital distress signal, the Immortals will be able to lock on to their coordinates more easily. Immortals can’t tell the difference between this smoke and normal smoke from the destruction. Hurry up, we don't have time to wait."
Crow holds a machine gun at waist level and advances forward. Crown Princess and I follow. We proceed carefully through the shadows of the city. Occasionally we see Immortals, but the gauntlet on Crow's left arm ensures that close-range enemies are incapacitated, and Crown Princess's gun with a suppressor ensures that long-range scouts are easily destroyed. Both of them are also using EMP weapons. It is a weapon that incapacitates the enemy with an electromagnetic pulse.
So far, I haven’t had a turn to attack. I’m in it just for the rescue. It's best to avoid useless battles. I see more black smoke burning in the distance. Sometimes we use it for cover and pass through. Smoke that has blown through femto zones appears to disrupt the vision and sensors of the Immortals.
Crown Princess motions for us to stop and hide.
"What do you see?"
"Look over there."
Crown Princess points to a mark used by the scientists. It is located on a church where many people used to gather. The huge cathedral is a memory of those who once went there to worship God.
"What is it?"
"Look closely."
I squint. What is she seeing? Something is wrong. I can't see anything, but I think it’s just something wrong with my brain not being able to recognize what she’s point to.
"I’m still not seeing anything."
"Same here."
"Crow, Sirius, you guys really can’t see it? I’m sure my sister would be able to see it."
< There is an electromagnetic metamaterial. It is a technology that gives light a negative refractive index to therefore be able to allow the light to penetrate the material yet give the illusion that nothing is visible to the naked eye. >
"So something is there, but we can’t actually see it?"
< That is correct. >
"It's a stealth cloaking technology that Arsenals don't have."
< Correct. No consortium has achieved this technology yet.>
"Don’t go towards it."
"Why not? I can’t tell if there’s really anything there."
< Please use this echo display on your HDI. >
After Four's words, my HDI switches between an infrared heat analysis, to a display for measuring the amount of ions and molecules in the vicinity, to a display for images made for reflecting ultrasonic waves. I can visualize not one or two, but a myriad of moving objects amongst the outside walls of the cathedral.
"I see now."
"I can see... myself... but I don't understand how. Am I supposed to use this to find myself?"
"What are you talking about?"
Crow turns his head and shoots me a look. We Outers are not human, and never will be humans. I feel like he’s never had to deal with life outside of the wall. I'm sure Crown Princess has had such an experience as me though.
We wait cautiously for Immortals to leave the building area, but there is no sign of them leaving.
"What am I doing here?"
"Uh, aren’t you here doing the same thing as us, Rookie?"
"But why do we need to save the scientists?"
"This mission states that we are to rescue the scientists and locate any new colonies. The objectives go hand-in-hand."
"Even so, I can’t shake the feeling that I’m just being brought along to be a decoy."
"Rookie, it's a dangerous mission --"
"Yes! It’s reckless!"
"You're going to blow our cover. Wrap it up, guys."
Crow and I look at each other.
"Think you can go first, Rookie?"
"We can count on you, right?"
"Well, now that I think about it, fine, give me some smoke bombs.”
I am handed smoke bombs from each of them.
"Leave it to me."
I carefully make my way to a place away from where my partners are and set up grenades in the street. I stretch wires out from them, then tie them together. When I'm ready, I shoot a rifle bullet in the direction of one of the cloaked enemy AI. The enemy who notices the shot turns around on my echo HDI. Enemies like this that can only be seen on radar are eerie.
"This way, you stupid bug!"
I proceed up the street while firing off bullets. I set off smoke bombs and turn on my mobile drone. A couple of other smoke bullets go off above me. It seems it’s all or nothing now. I end up stepping on a new type of Immortal that can't fly. It is smaller and crawls along the ground and walls. Within the smoke from these chaff bombs, I see a flash of crackling light and pale sparks flicker. I'm not sure how it works, but it appears that the AIs stealth cloaking electromagnetic metamaterials are disrupted by this chaff smoke.
​​"Eat this!"
I leave the controls of the drone to Four and shoot the wire connecting the grenades that I set up earlier with my blitz. The grenades explode into a rain of shrapnel upon the now exposed Immortal units; destroying all of the cloaked enemies on the echo HDI.
"Annihilated. Good work, Rookie!"
"Nice one!"
I hear their voices coming through on my HDI. When I hear this, I recall how much younger both of them are compared to me. I patrol the grounds and try to investigate the status of the enemies, but nothing seems to be moving. All enemies between us and the building are completely destroyed.
"The enemies are…?"
"I just heard another loud explosion."
"We don't have time. Crow, Princess, hurry up."
"Let’s head inside."
We proceed into a partially destroyed building. Just one step in from the entrance, and a strong odor pierces my nasal cavity.
"What a stench!"
"Whoa. This is bad."
Inside the building is a pile of corpses. All of them have been eaten at by something. Although Four said there were only scientists, it seems that scientists were not the only ones here, as there are bodies of other mercenaries, troops, and soldiers. All of these people have one thing in common; they are all strengthening their human body with modifications. Well, they were. Because of the body enhancements, they were hunted and eaten by the Immortals. The walls on the inside of the building have been reinforced; making it a fortified experimental facility. Judging by this situation, there is no doubt that nothing has been done here in months, or perhaps years in certain areas. Equipment and containers that are thought to be experimental are scattered among the corpses.
"Did they get invaded through this hole?"
We come across a large hole in the floor that contains multiple human corpses and Immortal remains heaped on top of one another.
"This is nauseating..."
"What are you saying?"
There is a sound. It's a quiet sound ... coming from inside one of the containers. The three of us go on alert and approach with caution.
"Open it."
A man pops out of the opened container.
"It's the monster! Go away! Get away from me! Run away quickly! Fast!"
Crow slaps the man.
"Snap out of it! What happened here!?"
The distraught man's eyes catch Crow. It seems that he came to his senses a bit. The man's face is smeared with dust and blood, and the traces of his tears speak of the horrors he saw.
"Thank you for coming. You are my heroes. Praise God! You and you and..."
"Hey, calm it."
"Are you the only survivor?"
"Oh oh, I hid desperately in silence for so long."
"It looks like this guy is the only one left."
"Yeah, it would seems."
"So what happened? How did you get like this?"
The scientist approaches Crow from the side. I don’t know. This doesn't make sense, but above all, I’ve got a bad feeling about this. It's only a matter of time before the enemies arrive.
"We will be killed. We failed. We can’t do anything! Just kill ourselves!!"
Is he crazy? The man who was so grateful one minute ago is telling us to kill ourselves now. Crown Princess is looking over some material that she found, but suddenly looks as if she’s going to vomit. I run up and try to rub her back. She turns to look at me with a shocked face, and passes the materials to me. Wh-what… the hell…? I run over and hit the scientist.
"Rookie, stop!"
I hand the materials over to Crow who comes to a complete halt, then collapses to his knees after reading over the documents. The content of the materials documented a secret experiment with a goal of assimilating Outers with Immortals, in which the Outers would gain the habits of the Immortals and eventually act as a leader of these AI. I can understand the reasoning for this. By doing so, it is a strategy to use the enemy as not only an ally, but also as a weapon. However, the plan mentioned in the material was not something as simple as brain wave control like a blitz weapon. These scientists were trying to combine an Outer with an Immortal machine. It was more than being mechanized by human body modifications, but in fact, the opposite They were attempting to implant live human brains into Immortal machines.
< A swarm of enemy Immortals is rapidly approaching.>
Four's voice makes my body move with conditioned reflexes. I need to throw away my emotions now. Hold it back. Just think about surviving.
"It's a war ... this is a war for humanity to survive. I'm not the one who is wrong. I did nothing is bad."
"You bastard!"
Crow punches the scientist into the wall. Crown Princess tries holding back Crow's arm, but to no avail. If it were his strongest punch, the scientist would have died instantly. Now the man sits by the wall crying, while we seek ways to escape.
"We can't take this guy. I mean, I don't want to do it."
"I agree."
"... the mission is absolute. At least you didn’t kill him, Crow. This mission is on record."
"Four, can't you just erase the record?"
< I can't do that. >
"We don't have time anymore. I’ll carry this guy on my back. Crow and Princess support me."
"Are you sure?"
"It can't be helped. I don't want to be like one of these dead corpses here."
"Yeah, I get ya."
"Hey, you two..."
When I approach the scientist to put him on my back, a large hole opens in the ceiling. Suddenly my body freezes. An Immortal. It looks like a Strai, but its body is patchy and moves incredibly fluidly. It has glowing mechanical eyes which should show no emotion, however it is definitely giving me a feeling of burning with hatred.
"No, no! It’s here! We need to g--!!"
The Strai’s foot crushes the scientist.
"Rookie, get away!"
"Hey, over here! Look at me!"
Crow and Crown Princess shoot at the Strai to try to draw its attention away from me. The Strai does nothing. It just keeps standing in place while being being shot. The eyes that burned before are different now; distant. The Strai continues to be gunned at without flinching and falling.
"Rookie, are you okay?"
"Yeah, fine."
< Warning. A flock of Immortals are moving in.>
"How many?"
< I am uncertain, but Orbital is canceling this mission and ordering a retreat. >
"Are we going to be saved?"
"I don't know, but this mission was a failure. Look at this."
Crow points to the crushed man with a rather content smirk on his face.
"... Wait. Four, maybe Zen will accept these mission negotiations. To still be able to earn our reward, we'll destroy this facility, burn all the materials and documents, and destroy all the evidence of what happened here."
"Rookie, you ..."
< As far as this situation is concerned, there is the possibility for reward negotiations from this mission. Please wait a moment.>
A beep sounds a notification.
< Negotiations with Zen have been completed. Zen was agreed that the mission will be fulfilled upon the complete destruction of facilities and materials. >
"We don't want any of this to be known."
The three of us completely destroy and burn down the facility using the fuel and explosives that were in the facility. I picture this scene of the cathedral crumbling and burning as a tombstone of that Strai we met. Was there an Outer inside ... A ruthless victim of humanity? If so, was the Outer like us, with no place to go. Isn't this war really only a war between Outers and humans? I close my eyes and pray without thought. I may be praying for myself.
I get hit on my shoulder and open my eyes.
"Let's go home. Everyone is leaving."
The gentle smile of Crown Princess welcomes me, so I smile back.
"Ready yet? Us brats are waiting on you."
I was struck on my back vigorously. Crow’s a nice kid, but I'm older.
"Yeah, I'm pretty beat from today."
"Me too."
"Me too."
We sit down in the quadcopter without saying anything, but for some reason all three of us are smiling. You can hear the quadcopter blades rotate as the smoke around us clears.
"This is Riot 31. I'm glad to see you all made it out ok."
The facial expressions and voices projected by the HDI look really happy. I see Riot 31 wave to me with a bloody hand from a distance.
"Me too."
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Bonjour à toutes et tous ! Je me permets de vous relance.
Dans le cadre de ma thèse en urbanisme et aménagement, je mène une enquête sur les pratiques des cyclistes et la sécurité des aménagements cyclables.Celle-ci s'adresse à toutes les personnes de plus de 18 ans qui font du vélo (ou en ont fait au cours des deux dernières années) dans les métropoles du Grand Lyon et d'Aix-Marseille.Si vous avez une quinzaine de minutes, pourriez-vous s'il vous plait répondre à mon enquête en ligne, accessible à l’adresse suivante : https://surveys.ifsttar.flimesurvey/index.php/689995.N'hésitez pas à diffuser l'enquête autour de vous et dans vos réseaux, cela m’aiderait beaucoup !Je vous remercie par avance.Au plaisir de vous croiser sur vos vélos !
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2021.09.22 13:41 Embarrassed_Status59 How to counter necrons as blood angels?

My plays necrons to a high level, he likes to use big blobs of lychguard and scarabs. Usually throws veil of darkness in as well. What should be priority targets? I feel like my elites get bogged down by the screening scarabs.
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For the past however many months (oh I’ve lost track, I’ve accepted this condition now) I was never able to smell nice things as nice. No matter what it was, soap, washing powder, perfumes.. they all smell the same , it’s a sweetish smell but oh god it makes me want to puke.
Anyway, I washed some clothes yesterday, put them out to dry, woke up today, walked into the room where they drying and oh my days they smell amazing !!!
I never took my smell for granted because I was aware how good my smell was (I always referred to myself having a dog’s nose lol) so it’s been especially hard but today is a good day !
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El «caso Ghali» acecha a Pedro Sánchez El juez que investiga la entrada en España del líder del Frente Polisario imputa a la ex ministra González Laya y una acusación reclama que testifique la ex vicepresidenta Carmen Calvo submitted by vlewy to PoliticSpain [link] [comments]

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less gooo
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I just got my Apple Watch a week ago and noticed the other day some pain on the inter part of my wrist. I switched to my right wrist and it did the same thing? Has this happened to anyone else? I’m going to give it a wear break until my wrists feel fine the I’m going to try again this time wearing the band higher on my wrist (right above the wrist bone) to see if it helps. I love my watch so it’s a little disappointing.
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