Just your average rust chat message

Better Chat. Better chat is an essential plugin for Rust, if you’ve played Rust you will have noticed the player base can be largely toxic, the reason I say this plugin is essential is because with all the nonsense you tend to see in chat with Rust it can be fairly easy for players to miss important announcements from admins. with Better Chat you can make all admins come up with their names ... Buy Rust Items. Get lots of awesome items for your inventory on DMarket! Buy Rust skins to make sure your game character looks cool from the very beginning. If you have Rust weapon skins, your guns will look impressive and improve your game confidence, strangers will instantly realize that you mean business. This page is not complete and is still a work-in-progress! Feel free to contribute but I must ask that you follow the styling format that has already been used :) If you need a command but don't remember its full name, you can use find [text] command. I.. Example : bind g "chat.say "/home 1"" This will bind the "G" key to initiate the teleport to your home. Here is the "tricky" part, to have this save for your next rust adventure, type writecfg into console then, navigate to your rust folder and find the key.cfg file ( Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\cfg ) and open the keys.cfg file. Now what you ... Buy CSGO Accounts – Fresh prime, private rank 2 prime, All ranked prime, and high tier prime accounts available on our store! Apart from this we deal in Rust accounts or rust alts or rust smurf accounts, gta 5 accounts, gta v steam accounts, gta five fresh accounts, gta epic games and much more The Bolt Action Rifle is a high powered, accurate rifle. It is a high end gun capable of accurate shots from long distances and is commonly regarded as the standard sniper rifle of Rust. The Bolt Action Rifle holds 4 rounds of 5.56 Rifle Ammo at a time, and has a very high damage output. It is very rare to find and expensive to craft. When coupled with a 4x Zoom Scope, the Bolt Action Rifle ...

2021.10.22 23:25 Ikiller123321 Just your average rust chat message

Just your average rust chat message
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2021.10.22 23:25 PM_ME_SSTEAM_KEYS haha🤔yes

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2021.10.22 23:25 Guilty-Ant1208 💴 DoxxMan Token -| $DXM| Dev livestreaming his life on Telegram Video Call |Vistin pubs and drinking beer

🔥Doxxman Token🔥
🎥DoxxMan is the hero BSC needs, but doesn't deserve.
✅Live videocall 24/7 (eat, sleep, shower, drink beers etc...)
💚NFTs are made and airdopped to holders
DoxxedMan token is the most simple BSC token you will ever hold. Dev is doxxed hard and is livestreaming his life as much as possible. (Yes even when he is sleeping) so you don´t have to be afraid of rugg or some other boring scam.
MOST FUN PART! After every ATH we have some goals what dev will do in his livestream.
50k MC: Chug 2 beers
100k MC: Going to the gym
200k MC: Asking random girl to a date
300k MC: Visit pubs and drink alcohol
500k MC: Visiting strip club
750k MC: Jump in to the river with clothes
1M MC: Try to find a private party and have a crazy night
🚧🚧Token Information🚧🚧
Contract: 0xb18bff04b19bba37e926c8f8893abb897a7ed4b0
💁‍♂️ Name: Doxxman
🌐Symbol: DXM
🧮 Decimals: 18
💸Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
7% tax after every transaction
5% to liquidity
2% to marketing wallet
💊8% Marketing Wallet
😡000000.00000% DEV WALLET
👊About DoxxedMan Token (BSC) Community👊
🌐 Official Links
🐕Contract: 0xb18bff04b19bba37e926c8f8893abb897a7ed4b0
🐕Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb18bff04b19bba37e926c8f8893abb897a7ed4b0
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb18bff04b19bba37e926c8f8893abb897a7ed4b0#readContract
🔥🔥🔥 DONT DO YOUR OWN REASEARCH, just watch DoxxedMan Dev live videocalls and enjoy profit 🔥🔥🔥
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2021.10.22 23:25 pancua I stopped petting him

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2021.10.22 23:25 bangalore23 👀 👀 👀

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2021.10.22 23:25 Auxitrius2 I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST 5-STAR WEAPON!!!!!

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2021.10.22 23:25 jmd1982 everyday carry tactical light

hello all looking for an everyday carry "tactical" light around 200 -250 bucks. As bright as possible for blinding purposes. Would like to give it to the woman to carry with her when shes walking alone at night.
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2021.10.22 23:25 Sure_Exercise My Battlestation

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2021.10.22 23:25 LastActionExpat With some of the toxic takes in this sub I sometimes be like...

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2021.10.22 23:25 Necessary_Signal7295 Looking for a professional organizer, or someone to help me create a routine/organize my life?

I have adhd so looking for someone to help with these aspects!
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2021.10.22 23:25 greek_freak081 No work

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2021.10.22 23:25 Ahlisukrahntez A pointless job that pays well.

I am able to work about 30 hours a week and easily provide for my wife and new baby, while establishing a solid amount of savings. The work provides no purpose whatsoever, but it's easy, and my boss is a great dude. Do I have Stockholm? Is life case by case? Is choosing an ideological stance and sticking to it baldly stupid? Am I a boot licker? You tell me.
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2021.10.22 23:25 woomygod9000 I want to make cookies to pass them out to kids on Halloween instead of trick or treating with my friends

Our parents usually set up a thing where we all go trick or treating but tbh I don’t really feel like going and I’m sure they don’t care either. Besides one of my friends got a bf so that’s not a thing I want to have to go through. Originally I wanted to grill up some burgers but I haven’t gotten a grill yet so cookies it is.
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2021.10.22 23:25 pythonapster [Costco Wholesale] Costco Body Glove Performer 11' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Package $330 [Deal Price: $330.00]

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2021.10.22 23:25 EducationalDurian436 🐶 DOGE KART 🐶 | Launched an hour Ago | Low Mcap 4k Mcap | Dev Doxxed | Lq Locked | Next x100 token | Influencer Proposals 🐶

🐶DOGE KART was inspired by Elon Musk's tweet where he is an artist and also a coin holder, especially with the theme of animals, with this we will create a big project where this coin will fight the big market in the crypto currency world on the binance smart chain network, as it aims to lead cryptocurrency into a golden era and provide both, short and long term profits for all investors by revolutionizing reward base utility as well as shortening the gap between the community and the developer team through sheer transparent work and open communication.
📌 Tokenomics: 🔥 50% Burn 💸 45% Liquidity 💰 Max supply: 1,000,000,000
🔒 LP Locked
💠 Total Tax Fee: 13% 📞 2% Marketing and Development 🧖‍♂️ 7% automatic to holder 🔐 4% back to liquidity
🚫 The team does not own any token, we all bought into Fair launch just like any other early holders here.
🌐 Official Links |
🐕Contract: 0x658d868ce5343d2466FFACD77739797343A80DD6
🐕Pancakeswap :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x658d868ce5343d2466FFACD77739797343A80DD6
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x658d868ce5343d2466FFACD77739797343A80DD6#readContract
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2021.10.22 23:25 Tolboy46 ArkOS last game played issues

I grabbed a rg351p for a gift, got a new SD, flashed ArkOS and got everything set up. But when I'm checking everything, last played is all messed up. So bought another, exact same thing. When I check the SD on my device everything works fine. They show in the proper order, but on the new devices, they're all jumbled up. I know this isn't a big deal but any thoughts? Also I'm concerned if this is an issue, then there might be others. Tyia
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2021.10.22 23:25 steampunkkittie Stolen content

U/washboardscalloped is full of stolen content. They were posting mine but they blocked me. Fortunately i reported it first
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2021.10.22 23:25 sarbaz7 Artist u/INSTINCT9boii

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2021.10.22 23:25 lostinapotatofield Pippa posing for the camera as the sun sets behind her

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2021.10.22 23:25 artsyfartsyvancity Anyone else having lag issues??

I play on the app on a Samsung S20 Ultra. My home internet's always been crappy so I play on LTE but it happens on wifi or cellular.
I start the game, I move the crane to the right, then the time it takes to switch the camera is so long that I either run out of time, or I just have to blindly move it and go by sound. But then it's so laggy that I can't even see the crane go down and move. It's totally unplayable. I will screen record it next time, I just don't want to waste TP because it happens every single time I play.
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2021.10.22 23:25 evolvesustain [China] \ record month for plugin vehicle sales: 3 made it into the overall top 10 in September https://t.co/I2CuYX0R4r

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2021.10.22 23:25 Negative_Zer-0 I feel like this fits

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2021.10.22 23:25 TraditionalGoal422 Campfire 🔥 ($CAMPFIRE) - Doxxed Devs - FIRST Double Rewards Token ( BNB) 💸 - FIRST ever NFTs with farming and mining system ⚙️ - Mega Chinese Community Collaborations

Introducing CampFire!
CampFire is a unique token that will provide its users with double reflection rewards! Both coin reflections have been chosen to provide both immediate and long term financial applications. We selected both BNB and Ethereum to be to provide our users with instant funds, both in the form of passive income and also give them the best opportunity to profit long term.
Only 1/10th of the supply will be released to public sale, the remaining has to be mined. Use your $CAMPFIRE or other tokens to stake and mine and receive $FIRE tokens. That is just the beginning. CampFire will have staking and yield farming pools as well set to release shortly after launch. You will be able to stake tokens into farming pools for rewards from Major 3rd party tokens.
NFTS!!! CampFire will also be launching it's NFT line up introducing Pyromaniacs "Smokeys" 10,000 unique collectable NFTs.
-One-of-a-kind Multi-layered presale. Liquidity will be inserted into sections based on the order it was received. The benefits from this are obvious to early birds.
-Devs live video doxxed
-Next Level marketing.
-Buy-back-and-burn for a rock-solid liquidity
-The first token on Binance to introduce a dual rewards system featuring ETH and WBNB-First ever NFTs with farming & mining system
-Life-time passive income generating utility token
-Mega chinese market collaborations & partnerships
Reserve your spot in CampFire's presale now, this one was born in space.
16% reflection rewards in $WBNB (6% Buy, 6% Sell)
7% buy back & burn (2% buy, 5% sell)
6% marketing (2% buy, 4% sell)
Contract: 0xe3824a7af6981559977c45ade4db62052792fbe7
🚀Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xe3824a7af6981559977c45ade4db62052792fbe7#readContract
Presale is LIVE right now!
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2021.10.22 23:25 Android17isthegoat [Serious] I challenge thee to convince me to buy this game before Saturday’s Midnight(26 hours till then)

Convince me before the 26 hours are up to buy this game.
Some information.
I’ll be playing on pc.
DO NOT MENTION THE USE OF MODS. I know mods are an option and honestly this is about the one thing that appealed to me.
The closest game I played that’s “similar” to this is No mans sky. I’ve never played Minecraft, Terraria or anything along those lines.
Let the convincing begin!
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2021.10.22 23:25 Neat_Instance_2467 down bad

any current undergrad or alumni from COS?
any tips or advise bec I'm struggling sa course ko. feel ko ako lang dumb dito eh. I'm just an average student. i cant keep up with the pace unlike my fellow batchmates. i tend to over study, thus me always having an anxiety attack. i really don't know what to do
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