Working on for cult sound track.

The music captured by 2L features Norwegian composers and performers and an international repertoire reflected in the Nordic atmosphere. The surround sound recordings of Lindberg Lyd not only transform the entire listening experience, but also - more radically - these innovative recordings overturn some very basic concepts regarding how music is played and even composed. 2L emphasize surround ... Renowned designers and manufacturers of the highest quality sound reinforcement equipment and original founders of Turbosound These pages are dedicated to bringing you some fine audio related software, with the focus on quality and efficiency. Including the XMPlay audio player, the BASS audio library and the MO3 audio format! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. No sound Beep Shush. A free classroom noise level meter, monitor and management tool. Perfect if your school kids are too noisy! Bouncing balls react to sounds from the microphone. A free classroom noise level meter, monitor and management tool. ..., the best resource for Flash tutorials, sound loops, movies, sound FX, fonts, forum discussions and more for the Flash developer. The most-complete, fun, free phonetics resource on the web! Brought to you by Cambridge English Online Ltd. Good bye Flash! Thanks for 10 years of tinkering, fiddling, bothering and lots of fun. For sentimental purpose you can watch some of my old Flash experiments here.

2021.10.22 23:19 Stayhydrated3 Working on for cult sound track.

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2021.10.22 23:19 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) E HACIENDA AVE / S EASTERN AVE 10/22/2021 6:51:54 PM incident #LLV211000093604
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2021.10.22 23:19 fergi20020 Homemade fried shrimp with homemade breadcrumbs (toasted bread, garlic power, ginger power, onion power, smoked paprika and corn starch)

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2021.10.22 23:19 AcedNox darkrai - 1484 6498 3729

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2021.10.22 23:19 watermelon_wizard69 [XBOX][H] Titanium White Standard boost [W] 950c

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2021.10.22 23:19 TheNextDylan [W] Sweat, which is nature’s glitter

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2021.10.22 23:19 Dragonlance12 Turns Out Tesla Is Right. EV Buyers Only Want Teslas.

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2021.10.22 23:19 RedditChoseMyNameFr uh big question

Can you get forsaken exotic kiosk weapons if you only have shadowkeep or beyond light?
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2021.10.22 23:19 AutosportsBot Penske to run WEC LMP2 entry ahead of Porsche LMDh program

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2021.10.22 23:19 Hashieeee How to get hellrise badge?

I have the apartment and I've looked around for the gift icon and it only gave me furniture. I've also talked to the reaper lkwd several times and nothing. How do I get my badge? Help me, please? :")
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2021.10.22 23:19 usernames_are-rare My stupid camera takes off quality but I created fanart of how emkay magically doesn't get demonitized or do they?

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2021.10.22 23:19 downwarddawg How the Goonies would have ended in real life

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2021.10.22 23:19 LadyOfDarkspirit Dark Angel Kate

Everyone has broken the rules in life at some point. Rather it having being broken the law, at some point in our lives, we’ve all broken the law to some type of authority figure. But what happens when breaking those rules to a better lifestyle requires sacrifice? Over the years of failure has made you want to resolve to this. The epitome of failure and desperation has run its cruel course in your life, seeping through your bitter veins. You’ve been down this road before, questioning your own existence and pathetic attempts to become successful.
Your failed attempts and hunger for success has taken a toll until your own desperation allows you to act on the unimaginable. Think of some of the most successful people known to man. Rather it being a big time Hollywood celebrity hitting the big screen in an acting gig to your favorite music artist in the music industry, topping the charts.
There’s many theories as to why such success comes for these people. Never mind the scandalous rumors that you may have heard before in your work place when speculations about your fellow sales associate performing certain favors in return for a promotion to land them a spot in management. Then there’s the theories you hear from conspiracy theorist and their theories about how well known celebrities would use their promiscuity as a means to win over favors from famous, powerful producers that guarantee to boost their struggling careers. Then there are the more sinister theories that is enough to make anybody stop and think twice as to such possibilities.
The common theory is making deals with the Devil in return to gain fortune and fame. While there may be some truth held to those malicious rumors, the part about Lucifer is undeniable. Many of those tales of conspiracy theories that float around on the internet you see today, unfortunately hold some dark truths behind them. Dark Angel Kate is the one to remedy this issue. Kate, at some point in time was a High Grand Witch who was ruthlessly prosecuted by the townspeople in Massachusetts during the Salem witch hunt trials.
I’m here to reveal to you and expose their deep, dark secret on how such possibilities were accomplished that seemed to have been an overnight success. Conjuring up the spirit of Dark Angel Kate is in fact notorious and not something you should perform if by any means you have doubts. Once you proceed to this operation, there is no turning back. Kate doesn’t like to feel cheated of her time so you must be content with your decision. All you will need is black rose petals, twenty-four black tea light candles, a black magic marker and a sharp knife. There is no easy way around this trick. The blade you select will be entirely up to you, but the blade you do select must be very sharp.
Once you have the items you need to summon her, you are ready to contact Kate. Wait for October 30th on a Saturday night when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. The ritual should begin no earlier than 3 A.M., the witching hour or better known, the Devil’s hour. All religious commodities should be removed from your house. Simply hiding them away won’t account for anything. If you find that you have any hanging crucifixes, they should be turned upside down immediately to resemble the famously known invented cross. Written in large, black numbers, the number 666 should be written out just above the inverted crucifix that you have just hung.
All lights in the house should be turned off until the utter darkness envelopes your home. Go to your chosen room, light the black tea light candles. Draw a large pentagram on the floor of the chosen room you’ve selected. Sprinkle the rose petals clockwise around the pentagram just outside the circle. All lit twenty-four candles should be repositioned to be placed atop the black line of the pentagram. Stand in the center of the pentagram, after you have removed your blouse and lie back facing down on the floor. Reposition your posture until you are sitting. Pick up the knife. Focus your mind and steady your breathing. When you feel comfortable enough, chant exactly Dark Angel Kate’s name 3 times.
When chanting her name, you will immediately feel a warm presence in the candle lit, darkened room. You will automatically know you’re not alone when you feel a set of oppressive invisible eyes watching you. If you feel this, continue on with the ritual. You must gaze at both your wrist. Pick up the knife and without reluctance, drag the blade across both your wrist. Whichever wrist you’ve selected won’t be important, but both wrist must be slashed and blood must be drawn. This will prove to Kate that you are worthy to her. The first act, shows her that you are willing to give up your humanity that makes you human, bleeding clean your soul that will be replaced with utter coldness, making you a shell of your former human self. The second, is that you are willing to sell your soul to maintain her offerings.
If Kate has welcomed you, you should feel this intense burning sensation on your torso. Like someone has just set fire to a torch and then touched your skin. As fear rise up in your veins and you find yourself wanting to scream or cry, stay calm and act on neither of these things. Panic will only disturb the ritual and it will result in failure. The burning on your torso by now should be forming a carved pentagram within the core of your skin. This is believed to be an act of gratification shown to you by Kate by marking you as a beneficiary. After this happens, your ritual has reached completion and success. You will find that both your slashed wrist has healed within a matter of minutes and the loss of blood has been miraculously evaporated.
If, however, your ritual has failed, results will prove fatal. The room that you reside within will be plunged into darkness and you will bleed out and die. Your bloody, lifeless body will be found the following day and you will be pronounced dead on the scene by suicide.
The possibilities and opportunities will be endless once the effect on Kate’s influence take part in your life. Whatever it was previously that you found yourself struggling with will be rewarded by Kate with success in return to you in favor for welcoming her into your life. With all of this, there is a price that must be paid. What’s the price? If you’re thinking money isn’t a problem for you anymore, due to all of your remarkable success and the price is never too big, you’d be mistakenly wrong. So what’s the price? Human souls. Whoever you select as a blood sacrifice will be entirely up to you, but whoever you select, must always be a person of value. It’s necessary and inescapable.
If you are considering on breaking the bargain to Dark Angle Kate, you should reconsider the source. Kate isn’t exactly fond of dishonestly and seek out revenge on those who dare challenge and cross her. Should you find yourself returning to your belief in God in a desperate attempt to stray away from you part of the deal in hopes of being wrenched away from her, you would be wrong. Summoning Dark Angel Kate and chanting her name with a successful ritual automatically binds her with you, ensuring a promising deal that your soul now belongs to her. The fate of your soul has been determined. There is no escaping her. You must pay up. What happens if you try to break ties and spare your loved ones? Don’t count on getting very far…because at worst, you won’t. As a beneficiary of Kate’s, you must join her to collect souls. With every deal comes a price and with everything Kate has given you, comes a very large price. When the bargain has been set so high and you’re in way over your head, no amount of seeking forgiveness from God will stop her from coming to wrench you away to drag you straight to Hell.
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2021.10.22 23:19 idofurryart Tiger Boyo :L (Art by me)

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2021.10.22 23:19 FindAndDine My dog likes to pee on these. Are they delicious?

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2021.10.22 23:19 crbinden For those that dislike hole pics, gonna be a lot more of them

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2021.10.22 23:19 Nashstore Rare 1.5 crt Natural Parti Green Sapphires💍💎❤️ What’s the color of this sapphire?

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2021.10.22 23:19 SlayerSleyX Runway 400 days

What is the meaning of the runway in dashboard ?
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2021.10.22 23:19 sillysam17 Lonzo checks out against the Pelicans with 17/10/10/3/1 on 6/11 shooting from the field, 3/8 from distance and 0 turnovers

Huge second game for Zo. Add to that an efficient night from LaVine, a 26 point effort from DeRozan and stifling defense from the Bulls bench.
A fun night for Bulls fans.
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2021.10.22 23:19 Hyperion-OMEGA Dissecting the Iberia logo, thoughts and speculation on the logo and its implications.

(felt the Lore flair fits, feel free to correct me or its not the case or if I got some details wrong)
I'd want to discuss the Iberia logo. As it seems to be connect it with three other nations. And I thinking examining it logo and its demographics will explain why. ahem
First off we have the 4-pointed star on top of the logo. This innocuous detail is shared by only one other nation, the region of Aegir. This makes sense as of the two known demographics in Iberia, Aegirians are among them, immigrating from the latter nation. This also implies that relationships between the two populations used to be less thorny than current.
The rest of the logo emits of a bird-like shape, with the star serving as the beak. Which makes sense since the other population, and most likely to be the original settlers, are the avianesque Liberi. However Iberia isn't the only nation associated with them. Columbia is also noted to be associated with them to an extent and its own logo seems to be be designed to evoked a birds wings. Iberia's in turn also seems designed to evoke a 5-pointed star as much as it does a bird in flight due to the chapel-shaped negative space in the "tail".
Which brings us to the last notable influence on the logo and culture. There are some vague similarities of this logo to the one used by Laterano, which makes sense since the latter had influenced the culture of Iberia. The aforementioned chapel is also a nod to this influence.
Which leaves Columbia the odd one out. We know that Aegirians make up part of Iberia's population and that the papal-esque state left its mark on the culture, but what does it have to do with Columbia? Well looking at what nations they are meant to stand in for, we have the United States, Spain, the Vatican and the fictional Atlantis. Now comparing Terra to Earth you might notice that France is missing and that the analogues of the French seem to have assimilated into Victoria, Britain's counterpart on Terra.
Small history lesson. The US was founded as a suite of colonies by the British that eventually went to war for, among other reasons, independence. The French aided the Americans on that war effort, which would ironically lead to issues alter down the road. But the important thing here is that assuming Terra's history is parallel to Earth's then there is divergence. The most notable ally of the Colonies had became part of their opponents. This would mean that Columbia might be alone in its origin story, right?
Here's where the speculation (well besides the assumption that Columbia emerged exactly the same way the United States did as nations) comes in. My theory is that some time in the past, Iberia filled the void that the France analog left by assimilating into Victoria, and as a result, there is some cultural connections between the two, which would in turn explain why they share a notable race and factor in as one of several influences in Iberia's own logo's design.
Or it could just be one or two giant coincidences. Thoughts?
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2021.10.22 23:19 Titanicjay07 Not exactly how it went, but still funnier.

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2021.10.22 23:19 shinra-- My art now (1st picture) vs 5 months ago (2nd picture)

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2021.10.22 23:19 AKLzx Found this stray kitten a few days ago and she has been such a cuddle bug! Any name suggestions?

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2021.10.22 23:19 RK_MythicNub trading green luger for eternal III or equivalent value (c slasher not for trade)

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