What are y'all first choice schools?

Dosa Man – has the world following him. Visit us at Washington Sq Park We are open Mon – Sat 11:00am – 3:00pm I figured I'd at least ask. Looking for an insider code. I'm an existing customer under Magenta Max. Thanks in advance! And Happy New Year y'all!!!

2022.01.21 05:03 FallEducational What are y'all first choice schools?

I'll start - UBC or UIUC - cant decide between the two tbh.
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2022.01.21 05:03 Antoinexana Morning coach almost screwed over overnight team

So I’m CAP2, and I’m one of the associates on my team to know how to do one touch or processing, and let’s just say I had to do that for overnight.
So after lunch, the morning team coach told all of us to pull out and he told me to hurry up so I can help. And I did try to hurry up and luckily I did finish, mind you, the one touch pallets for HBA, Pharmacy and Cosmetics was tame…until it was almost time for my team to leave.
So the coach tells me that I have to give back UNSORTED TOTE BACKSTOCK to the overnight team working those departments. So I was confused like “Why didn’t you tell me to sort through this earlier?” But I did what I did and left it there, but little ole me felt bad for the over night team, because they had to deal with that day’s current processed stuff AND old backstock from the past week or 2. So I did what any nice worker would do, stay hella late to organize EVERYTHING and I mean everything. So I get like almost 10 carts because there was A LOT of HBA and Pharmacy but little on Cosmetics. So I dump everything into carts, then I sort them in which isle they go on and the overnight coach was telling the coach who told me to pull out the mixed stuff “Why did you tell him to pull this stuff? Now he has to sort through all this stuff and it’s still going out? Like you know this stuff can’t automatically go right?” Basically having a little dispute. So after that I asked the overnight manager “Hey I know it isn’t required but can I sort this mess so y’all might can be easier?” And she was cool with it.
I just kept telling myself “Don’t be like the others that screw over the overnight team, help them and make sure they get their stuff in a correct way”. I always think that because I hate having to leave the overnight team with a lot of messed up shit and I would sit easier knowing I helped them.
I work from 2 to 11 pm and I went home at 2:30 in the morning, that’s how long it took me to sort through everything but I was happy I made them happy and it made my night good.
So that’s my story on how the morning coach almost fucked over the overnight workers that was working HBA and Pharmacy
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2022.01.21 05:03 laylakolnik Got my matric results! Now lost in what I should do with my life 😭😂

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2022.01.21 05:03 ceessii Can’t match with some characters.

So I have a question, why is it that when I swipe right on people they won’t become a match? Is it because they don’t have a story yet?
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2022.01.21 05:03 SLFizzy7 Reasons why Janelle will never leave….

If choice is “Other” please put in the comments section
View Poll
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2022.01.21 05:03 azo999dn this will make you lose brain cells(WARNING DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE BRAIN CELLS TO SPARE)

i typed it all back cause no images
It was late at night, I was in my room playing the hit game 'Among Us', I was one of the imposters, and alongisde me was a Green sussy crewmate who beared the name 'Dream'. I was already ferociously masturbating, when He messaged me, saying 'You look very submissive and breedable bb'. My dick instantly shoot millions of spermy-wermys all across my room - but I still wasn't satisfied - so I grabbed my life-sized Dream figurine and shoved it all up my anus, to which sussy imposter Dream said 'Don't you want the real thing bb?😉'. Dream immediately crawled out of my computer and into my rectum, shoving his erect 15in penis deep inside of it. Meanwhile, more and more sussy Dream crewmates invaded my bedroom and they all shouted 'EMERGENCY MEETING!!! This imposter needs to be Ejaculated!!' - they all started penetrating me deeply, in my mouth, ears, nostrils, etc. I was impaled by multiple Dream penis for the whole night, until they all cummed together, filling me inside with gallons and gallons of their sticky and creamy green juice. They all glanced at me, laid on the floor, pouring out all of their fluids through all holes of my body, until they said 'Well, guess we took care of this sussy imposter'. Suddenly, they all vanished, but my body and my whole room were still filled with their Green love. I fell asleep, and I dreamt of that sweet sussy orgy with Daddy Dream, like it was all happening again, and I don't want to ever wake up again, if Dream won't ever penetrate me deeply anymore.
this is satire but still braindead
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2022.01.21 05:03 autumnsky02 i think my cats going to unalive me in my sleep

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2022.01.21 05:03 kattiydid Petition to make TGCF, MDZS, and SVSSS into official Audiobooks

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2022.01.21 05:03 CoolDude3921 Nightmare that I was convicted of murder

Basically the dream was that I was playing outside, and then a decapitated head falls onto the floor. The cops show up later and say that I did it. They're completely robot like, not talking at all except for "you did it, go to jail". I'm never even punished, everyone around me thinks I did it and I can't redeem myself because they can't hear me.
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2022.01.21 05:03 arrwriting Hello world

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2022.01.21 05:03 munrobotic Adversary infrastructure report from Recorded Future. Tracking C2 etc. over time. Interesting read.

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2022.01.21 05:03 SubjDelta Wish I could post a group in legacy raid

But I can't, thanks Blizz. I am not a spammer I just want to post a group in legacy raid for NH last 2. But I can't. you guys really solved the gold seller issue. Not that you wanted to i imagine.
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2022.01.21 05:03 yagmurozdemr Top Royalty-Free Music Platforms - please share your suggestions

Hello everyone! As you know one of the most important parts of making videos/films is finding the right music piece that will complete your work.
I recently made a list of my top sites for finding the best royalty-free music and wanted to share as some of you may find it helpful;
1.Premium Beat

  1. Artlist
  2. Soundstripe
  3. Purple Planet
  4. Pond5
  5. Audio Jungle
  6. Bensound
  7. Music Vine
  8. Epidemic Sound
  9. Marmoset
If you are interested, you can check the full post here.
I truly hope that this list will help you find the perfect track that will complete your work! If you have any other suggestions, please share them as well!
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2022.01.21 05:03 Shannon_Canadians The guilt of rejecting a date for their looks after the first date

Hi, I am 23M and I think I am most likely here to vent out about my guilt and need to learn my lesson very well so that I do not hurt anyone's feelings in the long term.
It's definitely not something I am proud of, but last year, I got matched with this girl (24F) living like an hour drive away from my town.
I kind of liked her at first only because her profile photo seemed reasonably cute, and we got along and we said good morning messages to each other while we were both starting our days at work, etc etc. We used to chat at least like 20-30 min every night.
After about a month of doing that we finally met in person in mid October in her town.
When I met her, her looks was quite different than I saw on her profile photo, so when she came out to see me, I was speaking to myself internally "??? She's very different than her profile photo..."
Anyhow, I didn't express my frustration/surprise that her looks was different in real life, but we still went out for a walk in a park, talked about the trees/plants and then I drove us around to go and have some cheap lunch together. We paid for our own meal.
I drove her back to the hood she lives and I drove back home, frankly thinking that I made a mistake to get matched with her on Hinge. I didn't want to do anything further with her, but she was already excited about us and I knew she had a great time with me because I still tried to be very kind and sweet and paying attention to details, asking questions about her work, life etc, etc.
When I got home it was still like 2 or 3pm and I was laying in bed thinking that I felt very guilty and sorry for this girl because at this point I knew I didn't want to do anything further and basically wasted my time, but most importantly, her time and energy and I did know I could potentially hurt her feelings.
She was very sweet and caring. She checked up on me on the same day by texting to see if I drove back home safe or not, and I said I did get home safe with a smile emote, but I didn't continue the conversation further on that day.
Next day she asked me if I was doing well and I just said I am really sorry and she was like hey are you okay and that was the end of the conversation and the relationship. We shortly unmatched on Hinge by her initiative.
Prior to my Hinge app dating experiences, I did always tell myself not to like people for their looks, but for their heart. However, I did know I wasn't doing that (Liking someone for their heart over their looks) and I did know at this point her feelings were very hurt and I wasted her time and energy she invested in me for like a month.
I got matched with this new girl on Hinge back in December whom I went out with last weekend and I am hoping to make things work with her. And yes, I know I am a bad person for liking her because she's kind but also pretty unlike the other person whom I went out with back in October. But even now, I must say that I occasionally feel very guilty of how I ended things with this other girl. I really do feel sorry for her too. I do feel like I am a douchebag because from pretty much everyone's point of view it's obvious that I only like people who are both pretty and kind. I feel like I am an asshole for not liking people who are kind and may not necessarily be physically pretty to my standard.
I am sorry for the long rant. I do know sometimes people just aren't a match, and sometimes I do not need to be hard on myself for getting turned off by my date. But I think my reason for getting turned off by this girl back in October was solely her looks and I feel like I am such an awful person. I know I've been rejected by so many people in the past too and it makes me understand why sometimes some girls whom I liked didn't have any romantic feelings for me. I just had to let this guilt out on Hinge and I hope there are some people who experienced similar experiences as I did and I would like to know how you coped with your guilt and how you learned your lesson.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it a lot!
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2022.01.21 05:03 V4G4X VPN not masking IPv6 address

So I followed the generic youtube tutorial for deploying your VPN on the cloud.
It works fine, but I noticed on some devices, it only masks my IPv4 address and not IPv6. The simplest thing to do is just disable IPv6 on all my devices, but I believe that's not very future friendly. I couldn't find any user-friendly post/guide on enabling IPv6 for OpenVPN.
Any thoughts or directions?
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2022.01.21 05:03 username_com_ Katya clover

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2022.01.21 05:03 QualityOrders @theidealbeauties 11k Followers Instagram Account for $65 [Selling]

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2022.01.21 05:03 lifeforms_91 (Over18) Good morning lovely people !

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2022.01.21 05:03 Significant_Leg_7168 Iodine monochloride

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2022.01.21 05:03 sorrybutimrw glad he liked my album

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2022.01.21 05:03 ZealousidealEditor51 The fan account..

Ok guys I'm gonna be that person because I'm stubborn AF but I still don't think YDHB's stalker is organic. This person seems to be a freelancer specialising in the social media realm and editing. Sara's stated multiple times that she reaches out to freelancers to do her logos, intros and intro song. My suspicion is that she's employed this girl. There's something sus about the fact she 'found' this style account when it was super brand new and had no followers (I can't remember if she said at the time the person contacted her or not)
Or..she really is encouraging major creepy stalker behaviour because it massages her ego.
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2022.01.21 05:03 telex_bot Magyarország uniós támogatást bukhat a Microsoft kormányzati korrupciógyanús ügye miatt

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2022.01.21 05:03 Jeritza1 Lanius, Toa of Stone

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2022.01.21 05:03 BigBootyBear Crafting/base building games where you can dig into the ground or the mountains

It's the winter and I feel like I want to dig into some mountain like a greedy dwarf, looking for mithril while warding off invaders! I really liked Craft the World, though the tiresome controls and general UX put me off. I also liked 7 days 2 die, and rebuild 3.
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2022.01.21 05:03 sleepykilljoy An ice skating void!

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