dropna and empty dataframe

Initial DataFrame: Person City Mother Tongue Age A Alice Berlin German 37 B Steven Montreal French 20 C Neesham Toronto English 38 D Chris Rome Italian 23 E Alice Munich German 35 After setting Person column as Index: City Mother Tongue Age Person Alice Berlin German 37 Steven Montreal French 20 Neesham Toronto English 38 Chris Rome Italian 23 ... Extract Rows/Columns from A Dataframe in Python & R. Here is a simple cheat sheet of data frame manipulation in Python and R, in case you get upset about mixing the commands of the two languages as I do. Yufeng. #pandas数据排序 # series的排序: # Series.sort_values(ascending = True,inplace = False) # 参数说明: # ascending:默认为True升序排序,为False降序排序 # inplace : 是否修改原始的Series # dataFrame排序: # DataFrame.sort_values(by,ascending = True,inplace = False) # 参数说明: # by : 字符串或者list<字符串>,单列 ... Welcome to cuDF’s documentation!¶ cuDF is a Python GPU DataFrame library (built on the Apache Arrow columnar memory format) for loading, joining, aggregating, filtering, and otherwise manipulating data. cuDF also provides a pandas-like API that will be familiar to data engineers & data scientists, so they can use it to easily accelerate their workflows without going into the details of CUDA ... Dataframe.apply(customFunction, axis=0) Dataframe.transform(customFunction, axis=0) The arguments correspond to. customFunction: the function to be applied to the dataframe or series. axis: 0 refers to 'rows', and 1 refers to 'columns'; the function needs to be applied on either rows or columns. Use apply() to Apply a Function to Pandas ... Get Size and Shape of the dataframe: In order to get the number of rows and number of column in pyspark we will be using functions like count() function and length() function. Dimension of the dataframe in pyspark is calculated by extracting the number of rows and number columns of the dataframe. If the extension is .gz, .bz2, .zip, and .xz, the corresponding compression method is automatically selected.. Pandas to JSON example. In the next example, you load data from a csv file into a dataframe, that you can then save as json file.. You can load a csv file as a pandas dataframe:

2022.01.21 05:14 9gg6 dropna and empty dataframe

dfFinal = pd.merge(dfEAN, df1short, left_on= 'Delivery Number', right_on = 'Order number', how = 'left') dfFinal = dfFinal.dropna(subset = ['Delivery note']) 
Could you please explain what the dropna(subset = [Delivery notes'] does?
is it removing all the rows where the value of Delivery note is NA/ empty cell? because I get the empty data frame after print(dfFinal)

Question: if the dataframe is empty will it still create csv file?

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2022.01.21 05:14 Omegaman2010 Returning after a couple years away, are creature spawns more aggressive?

As title says, I picked up after a couple years and decided to solo sloop to get back into it.
I did a tall tale and after completing it was immediately sunk by a ghost ship/Meg combo.
Respawned and decided to try out the merchant emissary, bought like 10 crates and set sail, only to be immediately sunk by a kraken.
Is this normal, or am I catching up on 2 years worth of creature spawns?
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2022.01.21 05:14 NewsElfForEnterprise Long-Term Acute Care Market Is Likely to Experience a Tremendous Growth in Near Future | Johnson & Johnson, GE Healthcare, ...

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2022.01.21 05:14 AlexFiend Archer 3d Model build.

Archer 3d Model build. Started on my archer build a couple days ago. Started blocking out the body and working on the base of the face now. I use Zbrush with pureref for the reference photos. Anyone have good reference photos?
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2022.01.21 05:14 BurningRoast How safe do you feel in Singapore?

So Singapore is considered quite safe with low crimes and police being very harsh on gang members and all so how safe do you feel in Singapore? Is there times where you completely don’t feel safe at all?
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2022.01.21 05:14 RightActuary8677 Fr: SHINIES in this pic. LF: see list in comment.

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2022.01.21 05:14 Rackelhahn Fission 3.0 Corp. - Non-brokered private placements

Taking a look at the quarterly reports of Fission 3.0 Corp. (ISIN CA3381242096) indicates that the current main sources of cash are non-brokered private placements. [1, p.19]
Do I understand correctly that Fission 3.0 Corp. is newly creating the shares for these private placements and does thereby water down the value of all other company shares, whenever cash is brought in that way? Is Fission 3.0 Corp. constantly increasing the number of available shares?
[1] https://www.fission3corp.com/site/assets/files/6259/f30_fs_q1_2022_final.pdf
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2022.01.21 05:14 Pleasant-Firefighter Jinx 18+ | Gaming, Anime, Active Chats, Active Voice Channels, Dating Chats, Giveaways, and much more! GENERAL ADULT COMMUNITY

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2022.01.21 05:14 SliverCobain Got theese at thrift last week.. Couldn't be timed better. R. I. P big guy

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2022.01.21 05:14 zuleyha84 15% off >> $146.98 >> XLF F18 RTR 1/14 4WD 60km/h Brushless RC Car Banggood Coupon Code

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2022.01.21 05:14 JosephStalin1953 you can have the weekends

we will live between them
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2022.01.21 05:14 Skylarking328 Cop in South Africa had a mental breakdown as his brother who also was a police officer died in his arms. He was reported fit for duty. Police in South Africa work in stressful situations and suicide among them happens too frequently.

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2022.01.21 05:14 Jo-ryu-to-al Bharadwajspeaks has been banned from shitter.

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2022.01.21 05:14 GrafKarton Where the legends cried

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2022.01.21 05:14 avowithrice HELP... my dad (55M) has explosive anger episodes

As the title suggests, I (26F) suspect my dad (55M) has undiagnosed anger issues. He's prone to going from normal behaviour to uncontrollable, explosive rage in a matter of 1-2 seconds.
Sometimes the trigger could be just a question/comment. Sometimes there is no trigger (or at least I couldnt sense it).
He would escalate from watching the TV, to explosive rage in 1 second -- slamming doors, smashing bottles, shouting in deafening anger, accusing everyone for conspiring or mistreating him, threatening body language. These explosive episodes would last for 30 mins, then he would suddenly stop raging and retreat to be alone (eg on the couch). Then he would stay silent for a couple of hours (i suspect, to process things). After some time, when he's ready to act normal again, he'll act like the rage episodes never happened.
During these episodes, I would keep calm -- either trying to explain things in a calm neutral voice, or staying silent altogether. But this wouldnt help. Talking provoked him. Staying silent also provoked him.
It definitely seems like he cant control his rage at all. He becomes a completely different, much scarier person.
My mum and I suggested that he gets therapy. But he refused and denied having any anger issues.
He has been like this for as long as I remember.
When I was 7 years old, I got in trouble for passing notes in class. When my dad found out, he hit me and repetitively stomped on my ankle so hard that my ankles were swollen for a few days. I couldnt even stand/walk without pain, and had to lie to my friends that I tripped over when they asked what's wrong with my feet. Back then, I didnt understand why passing notes got me in dad's fury but looking back, I recognise his anger issues stemmed from way back.
A couple of days ago, I bought a packet of chocolates home and left it at the kitchen bench for everyone to share. Today, I realised the chocolate was gone, and asked my dad if he ate the last piece. He instantly went into a fiery uncontrollable rage and accused me of being stingy, not letting him eat, how i wont let him pee when he becomes old, how he paid for the petrol for a family car yesterday, how I pay him too less rent, how much he spent to raise me etc.
(For context, i pay my parents rent to live at home, and often buy them expensive gifts eg Fitbit, Dyson hairdryer, paid for their anniversary overseas holiday, sponsored them $10k to buy their new car. I'm repaying my own university debt, and never asked for money since I turned 18. )
We hardly ever fight, but everytime he goes into a rage episode he brings up the same accusations. I got really confused because his accusations always dont relate to the initial trigger (eg me not letting him pee in the future?!).
Anyway I calmly said to him, "sorry it was my fault, that wasnt what I meant. You can have the chocolate, I bought it to share anyway."
But his rage was so uncontrollable, he shouted at the top of his lungs, his growls sounding animal like. So i stayed silent because I didnt want to provoke him even more. For another 10 mins, he was shouting at me about the same accusations and threatening me and my mum with air punches, kicking the furniture, slamming a glass bottle.
I am not a mental health professional, but i highly suspect my dad has an recurring anger explosive disorder. Has anyone experienced this? Any tips on how to not trigger this behaviour, or manage my dad's rage episode?
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2022.01.21 05:14 bhctennis Dreckiges kagge meme

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2022.01.21 05:14 m00-1m-a-tac0 Help me get KK Slider, pretty please!

About 6 months ago, I had my island almost complete to how I wanted it. I had KK, and terraforming unlocked. My switch started acting up, so as a precaution, I backed up EVERYTHING onto my micro sd card, took it out (in my college dorm room), and fell asleep while it did a factory reset. I went to class the next day without thinking about it. I go to play ACNH again that afternoon and the sd card is nowhere to be found. The sd card with all of my ACNH progress is gone. I had to buy a new sd card and start over from scratch.
This is where my problem comes in.
I’m stuck at 2 stars and can’t seem to get past that. I found a website that (I don’t know how accurate, as it was the only one I could find with specific numbers) said for a 3 star rating on your island, you need a minimum of the following on your island: Outdoor furniture- 40 Bridges and slopes/stairs- 2 Villagers- 8 Trees- 100 Flowers- 200 Fencing- 50 Weeds- 0 I have talked to Isabelle every day consistently on what to add, and now I have: Outdoor furniture- 40 Bridges- 4. No slopes or stairs Villagers- 10 Trees- 100 Flowers- 204 Fencing- 93 Weeds- 0
I still talk to Isabelle every day and she keeps asking for more flowers and trees. Does anyone know what else I can do to get KK and terraforming again? My island looks horrible right now and all I want is to rebuild my island the way I had it. I paid off all of the upgrades on my house with the basement too. I love playing ACNH, but if I can’t get back to where I was before, I’m going to stop playing. I was able to do this so easily the first time and I don’t remember it ever being this difficult. I don’t want to give up. Please help me. I can even invite someone over to my island to look around and give me pointers. I’m desperate.
My thoughts: I have the date and time set a few hours behind for turnips. Could that mess up the game that much? Do I need to buy all of the storage expansions on my house first? If I mostly have fruit trees and a small amount of plain and cedar, could that affect it?
TL/DR: I’m stuck at 2 stars on my island, Isabelle is needy about flowers, and I need KK on my island ASAP.
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2022.01.21 05:14 SneakySypHax Tetra 1.18

So I’m playing Tetra 1.18 with my friends and I have an upgraded holosphere that has a scanner and I have been searching for ancient ruins for hours and still haven’t found any, am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.21 05:14 mentallysharphatguy Pushshift.io still hasn't deleted my data.

I requested for pushshift to delete the data on a reddit account about a week ago through a Google Form. The data still hasn't gone. I checked using camas.github.io/reddit-search
Here are some details that might be important

  1. I emailed the founder [jason@pushshift.io](mailto:jason@pushshift.io)
  2. The reddit account has been deleted.
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2022.01.21 05:14 jobsinanywhere Sean Penn not wearing wedding ring during Malibu outing as he continues divorce with Leila George

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2022.01.21 05:14 hangGlider2019 Any stories about SWs physically harming people?

Any stories I have read, the SWs end up running away. Do they actually harm people?
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2022.01.21 05:14 itss_kiiirstyx WFL?

me: r robo dog them: 8 mythic eggs & albino bat
View Poll
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2022.01.21 05:14 deltaval4p Looking for a nice formula in a specific work-related context

Hi everyone,

I have to ask here something that is disturbing me since months.
In my job, I often have to explain an evolution with several explanations not going in the same way. It's usually organized like that :
"XXX increased by 10$ in the last year, under the *needed right word* effects of: - A 14$ increase of yyy and - A 4$ decrease of zzz"
I'm always confused when writing such sentences, trying to find the right word. Might it be something like "cumulative effects" or "mitigated effects" ?
Pleaaaase help me finding the right damn word (or even several as this wording is often used), this is my life's problem the days haha

Thank you very much for your help !
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2022.01.21 05:14 Wrong_Contribution_5 Baby bartender needing advice

Hope this is the right place to post this, delete if not allowed.
Recently got promoted to bartender at a restaurant well known for their extensive bartending training (basically having this on your resume will get me a job anywhere). Today was my third day and I persevered for the most part. Made some mistakes, got a tad overwhelmed during large rushes, needed extra help a few times, but made it through without any customer complaints. (Should also add bartenders at my location handle Togo orders as well, which adds a lot of extra stress)
I’m feeling slightly embarrassed, none of the other bartenders ask for help (to be fair they all have 5-15 years of experience) and although they’re very helpful it’s still very intimidating. I’m feeling really discouraged, This is the first time I haven’t been great at a job by the end of my first week.
Any advice from veteran bartenders or even encouraging words would be helpful. Thanks a billion in advanced!
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2022.01.21 05:14 CapitalSale7253 HMFT after I fail a bmx trick

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